Craig Kelly Backs Up Climate Deaths Claim


Liberal Backbencher Craig Kelly triggered climate change crusaders on Wednesday night appearing on Sky News’ Richo program by talking bluntly about the consequences of Australia’s climate change policies. He made the claim that people will die because electricity prices are becoming so high they won’t be able to afford to turn the heater on this winter. Labor’s Climate Change spokesperson Mark Butler called for Malcolm Turnbull to sack Craig Kelly as Chair of the House Energy Policy Committee . Nevermind the fact that parliamentary committees are separate from the executive arm of government as per the Westminster system’s separation of powers.

Craig Kelly is the member for Hughes in south western Sydney where cost of living pressures are one of the highest in the country. Appearing on Sky News again today, on the Morning Shift with Tom Connell and Caroline Marcus, Craig Kelly did not back down one bit in fact backed up his claim by highlight that Australia’s rate of morality during winter was twice the rate of Sweden’s. He also reaffirmed his position that it was pointless for Australia to make the emissions reductions under the Paris Climate Accord with the United States withdrawing and Russia, China and India under no obligations to reduce their emissions until 2030.

Channel Seven’s Sunrise program were able to put a human face to Kelly’s claim interviewing a pensioner who keeps warm in her dressing gown because power prices are so high. The same report highlighted that pensioners are having to choose between food, power and medicine. That same Sunrise report had Jeff Kennett and Mark Latham highlighting that Australia should have some of the world’s cheapest electricity prices given how energy rich this nation is.

It is ironic that we are told these climate change policies will save the human race from extinction yet these policies are forcing us all into energy poverty, reducing living standards which yes will reduce the lifespans of humans. South Australia alone has the highest power prices in the world, has had statewide blackouts and had its manufacturing industry move offshore.

Craig Kelly has been suggested as a Liberal MP who will face a preselection challenge from the NSW Liberal factional machine for being too outspoken and conservative. This would be an outrageous course of action as Kelly never comes across as a wrecker, but motivated by genuine concern for the Australian people. Let’s hope he is not deterred by the triggered responses to his statements from both the left and the right.

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