Where’s the leftist backlash against Shia LeBeouf’s racist comments?


The hypocrisy and double standards continuously displayed by the left makes clear the uselessness of that side of the spectrum, and this is nowhere more evident than in examining the life and times of Shia LeBeouf. One of the left’s most prominent poster-boys, LeBeouf was arrested this week for public drunkenness, during which he let out a racist tirade against a black police officer. To those of you who don’t know, Shia LeBeouf is your typical leftist anti-Trump Hollywood celebrity who flaunts his failure to grasp politics by blindly following the leftist movement.

LeBeouf’s fall from grace began during his violent and disorderly behaviour which he displayed since recent times. This was the celebrity that began an anti-Trump livestream called “He Will Not Divide Us” or HWNDU, which quickly got taken over by Trump supporters to spread the truth regarding the left’s inconsistencies. The most famous example of this included a teenage Trump supporter of Asian heritage explaining to the left why they lost.

Just two days into this four-year protest, LeBeouf was filmed trying to punch a Trump supporter for being a “white supremacist”. His violent and unruly tendencies were already showing, and of course this was celebrated by the apparently tolerant and compassionate left. He was then arrested for attacking a man for saying “Hitler did nothing wrong” on the HWNDU livestream, before his instalment was shut down for public safety concerns.

One would think a celebrity would avoid further embarrassment and misbehaviour, yet one would be wrong. He has given a fresh performance by letting out an allegedly racist rant while being arrested for public drunkenness.

He has since then issued an apology, yet where is the leftist outrage? The college SJWs and feminists, who traditionally call for racists to be punched in the face, are nowhere to be seen. Could it be that the left only gets triggered when right-wing public figures behave in an apparently racist manner?

This is just another example of the double standards that have come to define the left over recent years. These double standards mean that even people of colour, the left’s most prominent victim group, are subject to leftist outrage if they happen to be right-wing. Basically, if you’re right wing, you will be judged differently to a leftie who committed a similar act.

Shia LeBeouf’s scenario is just the most recent example of this phenomenon. He made comments that, if he happened to be right-wing, would’ve seen him lose his career and forced to answer to triggered mainstream TV commentators. But his political alignments have saved him this time, as fortunately for him, his side of the spectrum is full of hateful hypocrites.

During his arrest, LeBeouf blabbered on about how “I have rights, I am an American”, which is funny when considering the fact that his side of the spectrum continues to lay siege on other freedoms such as the right to free speech. Afterwards, he has the nerve to say, “You have a President who don’t give a s*** about you…so you want to arrest white people who give a f***.”

This is followed by him attacking the police officer and saying “you’re going to hell, straight to hell bro”, and when asked why, he replies “cause he’s a black man”. What happened to being a white person who gives a f*** about blacks? More importantly, how brainless and hypocritical does one have to be in order to accuse Trump of being racist yet want a person to go to hell for being black?

Was he being racist? Maybe. Were his statements disgraceful? Absolutely. We on the right do not agree with his comments one bit, but we believe in his right to say it. Unlike the left, we do not want to criminalise “hate speech”. Yes we understand that so-called hate speech is having an adverse impact on many people, which is why we want to promote strong-mindedness as an alternative to the victimisation promoted by the left.

This isn’t the first time the left has displayed its hypocrisy and double standards. A similar scenario was seen last year when Ben Carson called African slaves “immigrants”. Carson, himself a black man, had to undergo the usual schedule of leftist outrage and media scrutiny simply because he used the word “immigrants” at its most basic level (that is, anyone who arrives at another country for a prolonged period of time). The hypocrisy behind this leftist reaction is spectacularly shown by the fact that Barrack Obama said the exact same thing, but where was the outrage then?

Carson, despite being black, was subject to the left’s triggered rage simply because he is a Republican, something he could’ve avoided if he was a Democrat. The left’s hypocrisy further shines bright when examining the fact that Carson’s colour did not make him immune to criticisms. Isn’t it racist to criticise a black man’s words? Or is it only racist if you’re white and/or right-wing?

It doesn’t look like Shia LeBeouf is on his way to put an end to this mess and maybe retreat into the shadows now that his reputation is tarnished. It is likely that we will continue to see his unruly shenanigans into the future, and his hypocrisy will continue to show. What is more certain is that we will continue to bear witness to the hypocrisy and double standards inherent within the left through their continued indifference to the shortcomings of their own people in contrary to their willingness to “keep into account” those of their opposition.

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