BREAKING: Malcolm Turnbull Loses Support of Cormann, Cash and Fifield

Malcolm Turnbull has lost the support of the Liberal Senate leadership with Mathias Cormann, Mitch Fifield and Michaelia Cash holding a joint press conference stating that the Prime Minister had lost the support of the partyroom and called on him to resign so a smooth transition of power can occur. All three tendered their resignations.

This comes a day after Mathias Cormann appeared at a press conference with Malcolm Turnbull pledging his support for him and denied reports last night that he had switched allegiance to Peter Dutton. Cormann has been the chief conservative backer of Turnbull’s Prime Ministership and the main reason he survived Tuesday’s partyroom spill against Peter Dutton.

Cormann’s change in support today deals a death blow to Turnbull’s leadership. The petition circulating calling for a Liberal partyroom meeting has not gained the 43 signatures necessary but one now looks inevitable given that the Liberal Senate team has just called for the Prime Minister to go.

Peter Dutton looks like the most likely person to emerge as the new Prime Minister and spent yesterday making his pitch to the Australian public. However another candidate putting their hand up should not be ruled out but there is no way that Malcolm Turnbull can survive today as Prime Minister. The next move is his and the transition process will depend on how he deals with this reality.

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