Black Lives Matter Rally Planned for Melbourne


A Black Lives Matter Rally is being planned for Melbourne this Sunday 17th December. It is to be held outside the Flemington Estate housing commission which was adjacent to the Milo Yiannoplous Melbourne event last week.

The organisers of the rally the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism invited residents of the housing commission including many of African descent to join their protest which turned violent where they pelted rocks at police and attacked attendees leaving the event.

The organisers of the Milo event Penthouse have been sent a $50,000 bill from Victoria Police for their presence at the event. Damien Costas from Penthouse have said they have no intention of paying the bill arguing “This is actually asking the victim to pay the bill”.

It has been highlighted that the sending of this bill actually gives leftist protestors an incentive to protest and threaten future events by right wing speakers if the organisers are expected to pay exorbitant police bills.

Despite these leftists having a sympathetic state government who joined in on the condemnation of Milo speaking and a police force who is willing to give the bill for their rioting to their victims, they still believe that they are the ones being oppressed by a racist police force.

The Facebook event page demands that all so called alt-right events in their community be banned. They maintain that “Milo Yiannopoulos should never have been allowed to speak in Flemington”. They also are demanding a “public apology from Victoria police, and investigation into in the event and the police response” and accused the police using racist slurs.

They also claim that the police raids in the housing estate are nothing to do with crime and instead motivated by race and demanding they cease. Of course, there are the usual demands for money to spend on public housing and expense of police resources.

The event is being organised by a group called Flemington and Kensington Stand Against Hate where they urge local residents to sign an open letter of unity. Among the signatories are Greens MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt and a member of the Maritime Union of Australia.

The rally has the official endorsement National Tertiary Education Union and the line up of speakers includes community leaders, speakers from the Greens and local teachers.

The left in Australia have long desired to import Black Lives Matter into Australia and were recently buoyed by the recent visit in Australia of the founders of Black Lives Matter in the United States.

The reality is of course the reason why many people of African descent are being arrested, imprisoned and deported is not because our police are racist who do this for no good reason other than to be mean. It is because they are the people in Melbourne committing a large proportion of the crime.

Victorians want to see action against crime, period. They don’t care what race criminals are, they just want our police force to apply the law properly and not have to worry about being called racist. Victorian Police are one of the most politically correct law enforcement bodies in the nation.

This rally will only cause more hostilities in the wider Melbourne at a time when the city is at times resembling a battlefield.

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