Neil Erikson attended a church for gays in Hawthorn in 2019. He livestreamed his visit on YouTube. During the meeting he politely asked ‘do you marry sodomites?’ which caused quite the upset. The gays all jumped off their seats and confronted him. A shouting match occurred. Neil accused the church of not being a church and of them not being real Christians, one of the gays punched him, then the police were called. Now three years later in pro gay Victoria Erikson has been sentenced to forty days jail, the women who helped him livestream got nothing and the gay man who punched him wasn’t even charged, of course. 

ERIKSON’S LIVESTREAM FOOTAGE-Note the interesting bible class discussion about feminism and god, how riveting!

Last year at the lower level Magistrates Court Erikson was sentenced to seventy days jail. He decided to appeal this decision because clearly it was excessive and could have been biased due to the judges rainbow badges. But after lots of homework and hiring a good lawyer(he represented himself at the Magistrates) he managed to get only a slightly better result at the County Court. This is of no surprise to us who know the system is totally pro gay and rigged that way. They discriminate against straight white males which Erikson is. So of course he wasn’t likely to get justice. But we have to ask ourselves why the system is so pro gay because it never used to be that way. Why? What’s the real reason Erikson was treated so harshly by the justice system? Well what I’m about to tell you might sound off topic but just follow with me on it.


VIDEO ABOUT OVERPOPULATION- Many elites like Bill Gates believe that the population must be reduced to save the planet. BTW do not trust what he says in this video.

The human population never grew at high rates until the 1800s when technological advancements occurred. We invented a lot of stuff that allowed the human race to survive better and it increased our numbers. Around the year 1900 powerful people in the world spotted that the new population growth rates would cause serious problems for the planet in a thousand years time. Now I don’t necessary agree with their findings but what’s relevant is that these guys thought overpopulation was definitely going to be a big problem in the future and that they must do something about it now. So what they did was come up with a long list of to do items which would reduce the new excessively high population growth rate back to pre 1800s levels. And here’s where Erikson’s court case comes into it. One of the things they came up with was to encourage homosexuality which was illegal at the time. So they had to use their powers in the justice system to make being gay much more common and fully legal. Gays don’t produce many babies, thus they had to become popular and increase in numbers. So they helped promote homosexuality and gays rights and are still doing so to this very day. They are making gay fashionable. They make gays win reality TV shows, they put gay pop stars on the radio. Ever wondered why there’s so many gay TV presenters?

LADY GAGA ON THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW- Note guest and host are both homosexuals. 

In order to encourage gays they had to make the legal system no longer pick on gays but instead protect them, and on top of that get the system to pick on people who might be anti gay. Therefore in our socially engineered new world if you do something mean to gays it will get treated quite harshly by the court system. If I were a judge I would have thrown Erikson’s case out of court and said ‘people arguing at a gay church isn’t worthy of my time, send me more important cases to work on like a stabbing or someone who has had a million bucks stolen from them in an online scam’. These sort of crimes happen constantly but the leftist system ignores them. Judges today are used for political agendas not for stopping crime in our society. So if a case is presented to them where gays were possibly picked on, well then the judge is going to have a field day taking it far too seriously! The message is clear ‘do any anti gay actions and you’l get hit hard by the courts!’ They want to stop alpha males from blocking their ‘turn many gay program.’ Of course judges will never tell us this. And many judges don’t even know about this secret program, all they know is that it’s fashionable or the done thing to be super pro gay in the court room, and that it will get you promoted, so they go along with it. Gotta pay for the kiddies college! So that’s why Erikson’s judge gave him jail time for something that shouldn’t have even gone to court.

Checkout this mainstream media article on Neil’s sentence. Notice how there is not a link to the livestream footage from the church? They used footage from another video where Erickson appears more aggressive, thus they want you thinking badly about Erikson, typical propaganda.

Erikson was charged with ‘disturbing a religious service’ a false charge since there was no clergy present and they were not doing a religious service just a bible discussion, but facts are irrelevant to the depopulation obsessed system. They were going to charge him with something anyway and they were going to make sure the sentence would be harsh. Many dodgy things occurred behind the scenes during the trial but that’s what had to occur to secure him the excessive sentence, they know what they are doing. Sadly this type of stuff happens all the time in our leftist corrupted legal system. 

Erikson’s crime can be compared with the Egg Boys stunt from 2019, the guy who tricked his way into a right wing event and smacked an egg on Fraser Mannings head while filming it on his phone. Egg boy did a physical abusive act to a standing politician, yet got no punishment by the system at all, the leftists praised him in the mainstream media too. Neil did no physical act, yet got jail time. If that isn’t an example of a biased justice system I don’t know what is. The Senator who got egged was against leftist socialism by the way, oh and a white male. So predictable!

The depopulationists want Christianity being pro gay to reduce the population. They don’t want Christians objecting to homosexuality anymore. They are changing Christianity. Although the bible clearly tells stories of God murdering gays, these facts are irrelevant and shouldn’t be brought up because they need the population reduced, it’s that simple. The truth is that the only person who should have been jailed here is the person or persons who corrupted our justice system. Speech which offends another should never be given jail time. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise and leftists scum who work for the government need to get some common sense and realise this. 

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.