Aleppo Lies Lead to Assassination of Russian Ambassador


Part of the events of the horrific last 12 hours in the world was the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov by an off duty Turkish policeman at an art exhibition opening. The assassin left us in no doubt about the motivation for his terrorist act which was caught on camera screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ and ‘don’t forget Aleppo’.

This attack was clearly inspired by the bombardment of fake news in the western media regarding the joint Syrian and Russian liberation of the Syrian city of Aleppo from Syrian rebels which are made up from elements of ISIS and al-Qaeda. The mainstream media has lately been leading a campaign against the new media labelling it fake news even though it is them who have been the leading propagators of it.

Ironically Hillary Clinton was correct when she said ‘fake news can have real life consequences’. Well we have just seen a man inspired by all the fake news about Aleppo to carry out the assassination of a high ranking diplomat which has the potential to lead to an international conflict. Russian President Vladimar Putin has stated that this event will not undermine his efforts at securing peace in Aleppo and the broader Syrian conflict and only reaffirmed his commitment to fight Islamist terrorism.

The fake news about Aleppo in the mainstream media are reports from people claiming to be Aleppo residents decrying the Syrian army’s operation who turned out to be bloggers. The crimes of massacres of civilians in Aleppo by the Syrian army have been demonstrated to have no proof. There has been no coverage of Aleppo residents celebrating the city’s liberation or the crimes of the Islamist militants.

The mainstream western media and it should be added the major humanitarian organisations have been pushing this neoconservative narrative in the hope of motivating western intervention in Syria to help overthrown Assad. This action would provoke a military confrontation with Russia which would most likely escalate into World War Three. The neoconservatives still view Russia as the great Satan of the world and a threat to their globalist agenda.

However their propaganda campaign has been largely a failure as the American people voted for Donald Trump who has promised to forge positive relations with the Russian government. But the neoconservatives are still not taking this defeat lying down by claiming that Russia hacked the Presidential election and are threatening to derail his pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson because he has had positive business dealings with Russia.

There is still one month until Trump takes office and President Obama has still vowed to take action against what he calls Russian aggression. The war drums are still being beaten and this assassination is aimed to destabilize the peace process in Syria, promote the Islamist agenda and fulfilling the military adventurism of the neoconservative establishment.

Photo used Fair Use: Ilya Pitalev, RIA Novosti

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