BREAKING: Berlin Terrorist on the Loose


Berlin, Germany The man responsible for today’s terrorist attack that killed 12 and injured over 40 people is still at large with police admitting they have the wrong man according to German newspaper Die Welt, who obtained their information from high ranking police officers. The perpetrator of today’s attack is believed to be armed.

This news will put a already jittery city on even higher alert.  Berlin police are asking all residents to be on alert and report any suspicious behaviour.  Reuters have reported that the Berlin police president has confirmed that security will be beefed up in the coming days including the erecting of barriers.

Earlier on Tuesday morning an group of elite armed police stormed the disused Templelhof Airport.  The disused airport has been converted into refugee accomodation for nearly 2000 refugees.  This is one of many large scale refugee shelters housing the one million refugees Chancellor Angela Merkel has given haven to in Germany following the Syrian war and accompanying refugee crisis.

Despite the raid, no arrests were made.  It is unknown if police have any further solid leads to pursue at this stage.




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