ABC Triggered By Conservative Opinions


Leftists always want their opinions to be the only ones heard, hence they always dismiss dissenting opinions from their alleged consensus as nonfactual and a threat to democracy. This was on clear display when Barrie Cassidy appeared on ABC Radio Melbourne this morning to talk politics with presenter Rafael Epstein.

Their key concern was that Sky News was promoting too many conservative viewpoints with its primetime presenters Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray and Chris Kenny. They of course didn’t like fact they were influencing Coalition policy and rallying the party base to stand up for conservative values.

Cassidy claimed how could anyone possibly deny the existence of climate change and that Russia interfered in the United States election, both of these viewpoints have contrary to a propaganda campaign not been proved true. While both ABC personalities stated that these Sky News presenters had a right to their opinion, they still alleged they peddled falsehoods. They called on Sky’s moderate (dare I say leftist) presenters Peter van Onselen and David Speers to hold their colleagues to account. Andrew Bolt texted in to Epstein to say prove where I have been factually incorrect.

It is not the first time the ABC has been triggered by too many conservative opinions, two weeks ago ABC’s Media Watch program complained about the foxification of Sky News and blamed it on full News Corp ownership.

Sky News and other News Corp companies should have the right to put out whatever views they like. Cassidy and Epstein should have the same right as well but then again they are employed by the taxpayer, which is legally obliged to be balanced. Though the ABC employing conservatives will happen when hell freezes over, but the consolation of this leftist tantrum on the ABC is that it demonstrates that they are worried the public are no longer listening to them. It’s not because they are being brainwashed by Sky News, but because they are finding out the facts for themselves and not being part of the ABC echo chamber. Just like simply calling someone a bigot is a sign of losing an argument so should calling your opponents a liar be the same sign

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