2020 The Craziest US Election in History


The craziest year in history has now kicked up into a new level of crazy with the US elections. Trump warned us that electoral fraud could occur with mail-in ballots, and now sadly it seems that this is exactly what is happening.

There’s a lot of strange things going on with the vote count and reporting which I’m sure will keep conspiracy theorists guessing for years about how the Biden election fraud was exactly executed. The mainstream media is completely on board with the fake news propaganda that Biden is about to win the election. I’m not buying it. He might win, but he ain’t the real winner, it’s been rigged. This election doesn’t seem legit.

Biden wasn’t even the most popular Democrat candidate yet we are to believe he could defeat Trump? Bernie Sanders was way more popular than Biden. He had large crowds attend rallies and they were excited too, yet Biden had no crowds, no excitement, and made embarrassing speech gaffes that left many thinking he needed to be taken to a nursing home.

Somehow (which I’m sure involves fraud) he got the nomination for the Democrats months ago and now he is up against Trump in the national election, an opponent far in advance of his skills, and he’s actually winning? Bizarro world! This is like a grand final between 1st and 12th on the ladder. Trump had massive attendance to his rallies all over the country, his popularity is at an all-time high, his crowds were super excited, but he’s losing…

Last election Hillary Clinton had mainstream media support, and she still lost, this election Biden has their support, yet he is winning, well what has changed? Why has media propaganda suddenly worked to change the public’s voting habits? Well, I don’t think it has worked, I bet you if there was a fair count of the votes we would find Trump way ahead and that he should have already been announced the winner.

I bet you this time round election fraud is occurring, that’s how they are getting the pro-Biden numbers. The corrupt system learns from their mistakes. If media propaganda isn’t effective then they have to do something else. Trump probably caught them by surprise last election, now they were prepared, and with dodgy mail-in voting they are rigging it to make Biden win. Are Americans going to put up with this?

Things seem real bad for Trump supporters and people who had faith in the system. It seems like the year from hell has actually got worse. Whats coming next? Well I think we can guess that….riots.

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