The Truth About the Communist Conspiracy


The people who run the west are pro-communist. Back in the cold war era they pretended they were anti-communist, but they weren’t. In fact, they created communism and were funding Russia. Back then and now if a politician pops up who is secretly communist they don’t do anything about it. No intelligence agency attacks them or tries to ban them. People like Gillard and Clinton actually get support from the powers that be, and that’s how they get to be successful.

But if a politician comes along who is secretly a nazi, well then he gets attacked by the system like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, he’s unlikely to last for long or get anywhere in his career. Now, why do the powers that be pick on nazis but not communists? Communism killed and enslaved way more people than National Socialism.

Even during the cold war against communism communist politicians were not being picked on. In fact, politicians exposing communists in American were getting mocked and criticized like US Senator Eugene McCarthy. Why are intelligence agencies hunting down nazis but not communists? They call nazis terrorists or right-wing terrorists but what about left-wing terrorists or communist terrorists? Why ignore them? Well, the answer is simple. This all makes sense when we realize that the powers that be of the west are themselves communists and during the cold war publicly they were pretending as if they were anti-communist.

The Nazis were directly against communism, which essentially was Hitler’s war in Europe, the purpose of it. A war to stop the communist invasion from the east. So to me it makes clear sense that they would go after a group trying to stop communism, since they are communists themselves, they funded it, they created it, and have been making the west more and more communist in the way it governs for the past 110 years.

So the communist conspiracy is this: They are taking over Earth and it all began in the west. They want to take our rights away and get communists into our parliaments and culture so they will be protected by the government while anti-communists get bullied and persecuted.

They had a fake cold war against communism but that was just a distraction so the communists in the west could expand government power and make western nations more like the communists in Russia who they were fighting against. The entire earth is being taken over by communists and we must resist every power grab by our now fully communist governments. Do not trust anything coming out of the mouths of our communist presidents and politicians. Mass resistance will save us. Open your business up to everyone, not just the vaccinated. Covid is a genius communist expansion scheme.

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