My God The ABC is Brilliant!


The ABC, the Aussie government-funded TV station is brilliant! What they do which I think is just so clever, is they criticize the government a little so it makes you think they are not a government TV station, it gives the viewer the impression that they do not fully agree with the government and are giving out both sides of the argument, thus are not biased.

But the truth is that they are just doing this little amount of criticism in order to make you not connect that they are just a government tv station. If the ABC always said the government was perfect and oh so good then it would be too obvious that they are just a government propaganda outlet. In order to hide that they are propaganda, they use this tactic.

It’s like Joe Blow secretly goes to the strippers a lot, but when a stripper comes on during a movie scene that he’s watching with his wife he turns away from the screen and says ‘It’s outrageous! I can’t watch such filth!’ and of course, the wife never suspects he’s into strippers because ‘he hates that filth!’ So he never gets caught going to the strippers. What a clever Joe Blow!’

This is what the ABC does and it’s just so clever because they continually support the government all the time but you don’t notice this when watching their filthy shows. They are so pro-government and never criticize how leftist the government is no matter who is in power, and even deeper they never mention that they or the government are even leftists. They keep it hidden.

They force leftist propaganda on you and of course never tell you it’s leftist rubbish. You will never get the ABC criticizing the government the way that News Corp does. The ABC will never bite the hand that feeds them, and if they wanted to they would only do so if the government magically became right-wing and theyd do everything to get those politicians voted out as soon as possible.

In fact, it is probably more accurate to say that the Aussie intelligence agencies control our ABC and our government. The government doesn’t control ABC, it’s just that they have the same daddy. And the Aussie intelligence agency is controlled by an international intelligence agency. And who controls that agency?

What we know is they are lefties, that we can tell. If we keep trying to spot characteristics of them maybe we can piece together who they are. But my best guess is communist bankers are at the top of everything. But I do believe in interdimensional alien-type stuff beyond that point (the eye of Sauron). Who knows where the top of this pyramid ends though, but this game is fun like that guessing faces board game we played as kids. ABC hides its true colors well, certainly high IQ people make the content, but not intelligent ethical people.

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