As you can see from the feature image of this Article, the Macedonians are up in arms against the Greeks over the good old name dispute that has been going on for years now. But are names really the biggest issues those two nations face? Let’s see…

Europe has been getting Flooded by waves upon waves of Immigrants. Looking at Europe today, Europe has become more and more unsafe as more and more immigrants rock up to European countries demanding all the privileges that the citizens pay taxes for. This flooding that Europe is experiencing is causing the cultures of the European countries to start slowly fading away as Europe begins transforming into a union of the nations that the refugees were escaping from.

The name dispute between Greece and The FYROM should really be positioned somewhere towards the bottom of their “To do list”. Why focus on names when in TEN YEARS both of these countries won’t even exist anymore due to the ‘Mass immigrant takeover’ that they are facing. Both Greeks and Macedonians need to realise, they are being replaced by people that SHOULD NOT BE THERE!

This takeover Europe is experiencing is nothing short of an invasion. European culture is falling in the name of “Diversity”. Diversity and Multiculturalism is not a strength; it is a weakness. So when Mr Turnbull tells you “Multiculturalism is our strength”, he is being about as honest as Shanghai Sam.

Now let’s turn our Attention to the Macedonian’s rally. Only ONE Australian flag was seen, and they couldn’t even get a good Quality flag, instead they got something that even a $2 shop would be ashamed of. There needs to be MORE Australian flags there as well, and the Australian Anthem should always be the FIRST Anthem played. Take a page out of Avi Yemini’s ‘Israel’ rally, Australian anthem AND THEN the Israeli anthem. Respect the Country you are in. After All, Australia comes First! ALWAYS! AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE!


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