Apologizing for my White Male Western Privilege


I founded the Unshackled in September 2016, it was when being an edgy online shitposter and shitlord was at its peak. The example had been set by then candidate Donald Trump and it was fair to say I got sucked into this world. But I took it once step further and turned my online posting into a news website.

I now realise what a horrible monstrosity I’ve created, a platform for the alt-right and other neo-fascists to spread their vile racist, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic views. I have now come to reflect on all the hurt I’ve caused to oppressed groups these past 18 months, to realize the error of my ways and wish to apologize for all of it.

I realise now why I’ve become so offensive and inconsiderate, its because of my white male western privilege. Here is me a cis white male living in a rich Western nation threatened when I see minorities gain power and use them as scapegoat for problems which are its core are white people’s own fault.

I now realise the struggle of the LGBT community and how traumatic it must have been for them to have to go through a public vote for marriage equality. I also understand how LGBT youth need support in schools through the anti-bullying safe schools program. I also value the importance of addressing trans and non-binary people by their correct pronoun.

I also realise that problems in the Muslim and African communities in Australia are largely media fiction which I have helped perpetrate. The only reason these communities have problems is because we white people are racist to them when the come to Australia and we just need to offer them more social services and they will become even better citizens than us.

I see the struggle of our First Nations people who are unfairly targeted by a racist police and government, are locked up in record numbers and still having their children stolen. They do not just need constitutional recognition but 50/50 representation in the federal government, so they can have a greater say over how their land is governed.

I also understand that we still have a long way to go achieve gender equality. The gender wage gap is a disgrace and the reason women aren’t in science and STEM is because of the old white male guard who feel threatened by women’s ideas. Also, the way that violence and sexual assault against women is being diminished is beyond shocking. We should also make sure our language is gender neutral so we don’t view the achievements of men as greater.

I now see that Donald Trump is most evil person ever to be President of the United States, he is only there thanks to Russia has diminished political offices all over the world with his vile Twitter presence.

I understand that being politically correct is simply being nice and polite to people, if you’ve offended somebody you should simply apologize and acknowledge the distress it has caused them and learn to be more careful with your words

I now wish to make amends for my part creating this toxic online environment where noble social justice causes are attacked by vile trolls. It was extremely sad this week that ABC ME had to delete their Facebook page just because of an education video about privilege and this played a large part in me reflecting on my worldview.

As a result, the Unshackled will now become a website dedicated to social justice and championing the cause of all oppressed groups. I hope that my realisation can help followers of this website to come to the same conclusion and join us in this new journey.


The Unshackled instead aims to push harder against the left and their divisive anti-white racism and i victim politics like which was described above.

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