Aborting Children with Gender Dysphoria?


Apparently recently, scientists uncovered 20 genes linked gender dysphoria, supporting claims that the condition has a physical basis. If that research is to be believed (it’s a work-in-progress), then I’m inclined to wish that research of this kind be de-funded. Counter-intuitive you may think, coming from me, a transsexual woman. Alas, I am also pro-life.

I’m sure the research is well-intentioned to uncover more proof that trans people are ‘normal’ and worthy of being equal to other people. But as always, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. No doubt that the introduction of prenatal screening for Down Syndrome was well-intentioned, but of course pregnancies these days with Down Syndrome diagnosis are often terminated thanks to screening.

Indeed, the abortion rate post Down Syndrome diagnosis in Australia is up to 90%, and the high percentage is due, in part, to pressure put on the expectant mothers affected to terminate. As one proud mother of a Down Syndrome child puts it, “Being told to terminate your baby by a doctor makes you doubt whether you’re making the right decision.”

There is no such thing as the perfect child, nor should there be any shame in having a child who has Down Syndrome, Gender Dysphoria, or any other medical condition. But the extant abortion rates tell another story. Reflecting on my lived experience, it would not surprise me if there will be hard scientific evidence produced in future on gender dysphoria having a biological basis.

If and when that happens, it would not be a stretch to predict that it won’t be long before prenatal Gender Dysphoria screening is introduced, producing potentially the same consequence Down Syndrome screening has produced: a eugenics tragedy.

My views on abortion changed over time as I came to realise that not only is the Down Syndrome excuse for abortion unacceptable, but also that one day, Gender Dysphoria could be the new Down Syndrome. It may sound far-fetched, but let’s see if this prediction for the abortion space turns out to be accurate. Hopefully not, as this type of scientific research should concern both trans people and those who are pro-life. All human life matters, but that’s probably taking a low priority amongst the scientists aforementioned.

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