Australia Day has been under continual attack for the past year. This has included three inner Melbourne councils cancelling their Australia Day commemorations, there have been calls to tear down our colonial statues and the ABC’s youth radio station Triple J decided to move its annual Hottest 100 music countdown from Australia Day.

We are told we must change the date of Australia Day because of its alleged offensiveness to Indigenous Australians because it marks the beginning of a period of genocide and dispossession of indigenous people.

Australia Day is currently supported by 85% of Australians but because the left dominates the Australian culture and media the change the date movement gains a disproportionate amount of attention and influence.

The continual attacks on Australia Day has prompted Mark Latham to utilize his media platform of Mark Latham’s Outsiders and Rebel Media to launch the Save Australia Day campaign. It is headed by Alice Spring indigenous Councillor Jacinta Price who makes the case why all Australians can celebrate the day.

The Save Australia Day campaign launched its first television advertisement last week where it portrays a dystopian Australian future where people are forced to celebrate Australia Day underground under the watchful eye of a big brother politically correct government.

In response to this the political party whose official policy is to change the date the Greens today launched their own campaign to change Australia Day. The Greens have previously claimed it is only a matter of time until the date is changed. Greens leader Richard Di Natale stated it would be one of his top priorities for 2018 and would coordinate his campaign with the over 100 Greens Councillors around the nation and encourage more councils to ditch their Australia Day commemorations.

At a press conference Di Natale went through the usual arguments against Australia Day about it causing hurt and pain to indigenous Australians and claimed that a new date would unite Australia, end community division and we could look forward to a positive future for the nation. He rejected any assertion that celebrating January 26th would be banned in the future.

The Coalition parties are untied in keeping Australia Day on January 26th and have vowed to strip councils that cancel Australia Day of their power to conduct citizenship ceremonies. Labor is more divided with Bill Shorten not supporting a change however he acknowledges the day causes pain. Other Labor MPs are on record supporting the creation of a new national day.

The leftist street activists are still planning their usual invasion day protests in major cities which disrupt traffic. However this year patriot activists are holding their own public showing of support for Australia Day with the True Blue Crew planning to hold an Australia Day beach party in Melbourne.

Despite the leftist media, cultural elite and political class claiming Australia Day is on its last legs changing the date will not happen without bipartsian support and without one hell of a fight from the wider Australian community.

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