Bernie Sanders’ Lie is So Inaccurate Even CNN Had to Fact-Check It


As hard as it is to pay credit when credit is due when the credit due is to CNN, it must be noted that Jake Tapper took the time to debunk a blatant and seemingly purposeful miscategorization of facts on behalf of leftist sweetheart Bernie Sanders.

Bernie, along with the least intelligent congressman ever to serve in US History, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, claimed that a Kotch sponsored study showed that blanket coverage of Americans under Medicare would save the government two trillion dollars. This, however, turned out to make outlandish assumptions about several variates of the healthcare system that simply make the claim too outlandishly inaccurate to be accidentally wrong.

The CNN journalist doing the fact-checking stopped short of calling Ocasio Cortez and Sanders liars but did a good job of proving the point either way. Watch the video below: