Triple M Stands Firm on Ozzest 100 Countdown


The decision by the ABC’s youth radio station Triple J to move its annual Hottest 100 music countdown from Australia Day to the fourth weekend in January after an audience survey and consultation with the music industry was yet another attack on our national day. It was also further evidence of just how far the ABC has lurched to catering to the fringe left as support for Australia Day amongst the public at large is 85%.

But when a government body fails to cater to the demands of the public in a free market society a private operator can come in and cater to consumer demand. The Triple M Network owned by radio operator Southern Cross Austereo announced they would be holding an Ozzest 100 Countdown on Australia Day.

In an email sent to Triple M club members the network stated they wanted to make sure there was a soundtrack to Australia Day. The Ozzest Countdown will be made up of songs that define Australian music. To make sure that voting for the countdown wasn’t infiltrated by leftist trolls butthurt about the countdown you must be a Triple M club member to vote.


The social justice outrage brigade on social media went into meltdown claiming the countdown was an insult to indigenous Australians, of course most social media users weren’t as articulate as that and resorted to anti-white racism disparaging Triple M’s audience as drunk dumb bogans.

Op-ed pieces appeared in online leftist rags Junkee and the Guardian raging against Triple M for celebrating dispossession and genocide. Briggs from the indigenous rap group A.B. Original who at this year’s ARIA Awards abused rednecks in his acceptance speech returned to his redneck bashing following Triple M’s announcement.

Not surprisingly he was hired by the ABC to do the alleged comedy show The Weekly’s Year in the Review.

Wil Anderson who is one of the co-hosts of Triple M Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast and also an ABC employee felt the need to speak out against the Ozzest 100 saying he was “extremely shocked and disappointed”.

Another ABC program thought it fit to mock Triple M and its audience with Tonightly hosted by Tom Ballard running a sketch about the Ozzest 100.

Normally when social media outrage is generated at a company for doing something perceived as not being politically correct or insensitive they normally capitulate and apologize. This is what Coopers Brewery did earlier this year when they were criticised for sponsoring a same sex marriage debate.

But to Triple M’s credit they have stood by the Ozzest 100 Countdown. In a statement provided to music website Music Feeds Triple M‘s Head Of Content, Mike Fitzpatrick said “At Triple M we are avid supporters of Aussie music and like we do throughout the year and every Australia Day we will celebrate Aussie artists”.

It is finally refreshing to see a company basically telling the social justice warriors to get stuffed. The Ozzest 100 is both a fitting tribute to Australia and a sound commercial decision. Triple M will now be the station that is beamed from outdoor speakers at Australia Day barbeques around the nation as we all celebrate how great this nation is.

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