Knowledge Report: The Top Gun, Tom Cruise & Scientology Connection


The secret connection between Top Gun, Tom Cruise and Scientology is the Office of Naval Intelligence. To this day the government is still covering up Scientology’s connection to the Office of Naval Intelligence or the CIA.


Scientology isn’t just a religion. Top Gun isn’t just a movie.

The secret connection between Top Gun, Tom Cruise and Scientology is the Office of Naval Intelligence. Hear Andy Nolch’s fascinating theory in this video. To this day the government is still covering up Scientology’s connection to the Office of Naval Intelligence or the CIA.

Top Gun Maverick is now the most successful movie of 2022 and of Tom Cruise’s career. It’s crossed the one billion dollar mark at the box office, entering it into movie royalty. It’s a genuinely good film. It promotes masculinity, Americana and contains only minor communist propaganda, like women and blacks in typically white male roles. This helps prove that right-wing ideas are what the masses want. And if you look at failed leftist films over the past few years we can say for sure that we know what the masses prefer, regardless of what the communists try and make seem popular in the media they control, regardless of whichever leftist they manage to get elected in our dodgy elections, but besides all the good news about the new Top Gun film, there is a shifty side to it. 

The movie is basically one giant commercial for naval recruitment. 

The end game of the movie is to get young people to sign up for the Armed Forces. The Navy has been having problems with recruitment in these modern times. Communist feminist brainwashing of our young men has led them into not doing typically masculine things, like joining the military. Maybe they are too busy transitioning?

But I digress. The first Top Gun movie back in the 80s did a great job in recruitment. After reruns of the movie played on TV the navy literally would get people signing up to join the next day. So don’t get manipulated that easily, be careful, remember that the fun scenes of life in the navy are exaggerations, many military veterans commit suicide every year, think why?

To make it clear in case you don’t know the navy has its own air force. That’s why Top Gun(a movie about flying) actually only shows people who work for the navy, not the air force. There’s little ocean scenes throughout the movie and most characters have no sea involvement. The navy has tons of bases inland, where absolutely no water is, and the navy also has many diverse departments, they are the biggest of all the military groups. Also if you want to really go down a rabbit hole they are even involved in building space ships(UFOs, the most modern version of a ship) check out Bob Lazar if you’re interested. But that’s another story, the real truth about Top Gun is that it literally is a naval intelligence creation for navy recruitment. And here’s where Tom Cruise comes into it. 

Guess what other potential naval intelligence creation Tom has been involved with?

Yes, Scientology. 

L. Ron Hubbard(the sci fi author & Scientology creator) was a naval intelligence officer before starting Scientology, and possibly he was for his whole life. Born into a naval family he was first hired by them to write pro navy propaganda while in his 20s. And then he went on to create Scientology after serving in WW2. The records of what he did in the navy prior to Scientology are strange and simply untrustworthy, indicating he was actually doing covert ops, the stories are just covers. If you look deeply into Scientology’s history you’l see little clues here and there indicating that there was government involvement in the religion all along. It isn’t just an innocent controversial cult created by a sci fi author. For one, how did Scientology manage to run the biggest domestic spy operation in US history?

It was called Operation Snow White, they didn’t get caught for years. They infiltrated numerous government departments, did covert ops, etc, and why did people who got caught have with them documents unrelated to Scientology?

Some documents were related to The Unification Church. And guess who created that church?

The CIA. I think they used ‘working for Scientology’ as a cover story to hide who they were really spying for, the Office of Naval Intelligence. According to witnesses they were doing James Bond type missions from Scientology’s Apollo ship while it was travelling around the Mediterranean Sea. At some ports local communists would chant ‘CIA CIA’ when they saw the ship. Did they say this because people usually think of the CIA when they see potential espionage operations done by Americans?

The CIA gets blamed for any potential intelligence activity, rarely do you hear naval intelligence being accused of anything. Literally CIA is a substitute word for ‘shifty undercover American government operations’. If these communists back then knew about all the different American intelligence agencies maybe then they would have chanted ‘naval intelligence’ but they didn’t, so they simply went with ‘CIA CIA’ it’s the only word they knew.

Now in regards to these major intelligence operations done by Scientology how is it that they could get away with them for so long?

I can’t write a bad google review without getting into trouble. Well because I think they had inside help. They were being protected from prosecution via the navy’s powerful influences. 

How do unpaid untrained volunteers of a church manage to do such a big spying operation?

It’s just not possible. Personally I’ve been a Scientologist and I’ve looked at tons of Scientology information and to me the whole thing reeks of a naval intelligence gathering operation created by a naval intelligence officer with a lot of backing. Now that doesn’t mean it isn’t a religion, it is, I see many similarities between dedicated Scientologists and dedicated Christians, but that is the perfect cover you see. For example, imagine if you are running a secret intelligence operation out of a mechanics garage in Moscow. Well it’s hidden better if the place really is a mechanics garage that actually fixes cars. You start a legit mechanic shop. That’s the best way to do it. If you just put up blacked out windows in a building then people would notice there was something suspicious going on. You’d get busted. So Scientology is a real religion, it had to be for the whole thing to work out. And Hubbard had to be its real leader. But it’s a religion that the navy helped create and protect in order to collect personal information on its top members and to use as a cover for intelligence missions, essentially for national security purposes.

When you do Scientology you do lots of confessions, and you talk a lot about your life. You give over tons of personal information thinking its all private. Like Facebook(which also could have been an intelligence creation) you give over a goldmine of information. Now most people would never come to the attention of an agency but some influential people would. A politician, a famous person or a top businessman’s son for example, they’d love those type of people to join the religion.

Scientology would be a perfect way to collect information for the navy. 

A perfect cover. Get top people to join a new funky self help religion, and then get the information about them you want. Install secret microphones in the session rooms, read over the papers of what went on during the session. This probably is why Russia outright banned Scientology after the Ukraine war began in 2014. And if you don’t know, this war really actually began in 2014 in the Donbas region of Ukraine, it only got hot recently and expanded to other areas. Russia probably knew about Scientology’s navy connection and deemed the religion a national security risk, so decided to ban it.

For people who doubt me on this Scientology’s management group is called the ‘Sea Organisation’.

It wears navy clothes, is run in a militaristic way, uses navy terms, has a goldmine of intelligence operations tactics and at its peak it had about six ships in operation. Does that sound like just a religion to you?

Propaganda, public relations and data collection all come under the umbrella of intelligence. Which means Scientology very well could be the Office of Naval Intelligence’s creation. Remember the book that started Scientology in 1950 ‘Dianetics’ was promoted by a magazine which had naval intelligence connections. It all makes sense when you piece it together. So when you watch the Top Gun movie you are watching a naval intelligence operation. And when you hear about a celebrity joining Scientology or Scientology expanding very fast into Russia when the USSR ended, you’re seeing successful naval intelligence operations done for national security reasons. Like everything the government does, national security justifies their actions. Even getting police to bash covid protesters.

You can think my theory is wrong but all I want you to know is that intelligence agencies start cults and political groups. They even do terrorist attacks. Those are the type of things they are assigned to do. The CIA was involved with the Moonies, and they had their hands all over the Jonestown Massacre too-the socialist religious cult that went wrong in a mass death in 1980. Look deeper and you’l spot what’s really going on. Don’t take things at face value. 

Tom Cruise joined Scientology not long after the first Top Gun movie.

He was already a naval intelligence asset. And then became a dedicated member recruiting tons of famous and influential people. He’s had Scientology agents secretly embedded in his life. Advisers, “friends” cleaners, baby setters. They even helped brake up two of his marriages to make sure he remained true to Scientology. And now when America really needs him, when the US world empire is starting to fall apart, while Russia invades Ukraine and China’s ready to take Taiwan, Tom Cruise comes along and makes a hit movie supporting US naval recruitment. It’s all so perfect. Top Gun, Tom Cruise and Scientology are all US naval intelligence assets, all used for forwarding US world power.

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
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