Anti Fascist Fighting Techniques: Passive Aggression and Air Punching


In order to prepare for the final battle against the militant left, we have sent out a group of spies and correspondents to make observations on their most effective fighting techniques.


Last Saturday at some kind of Melbournian refugee rally we witnessed two key strategies used by the left.

1) Passive Aggression: listen carefully as the leftists talk amongst themselves about our patriot camera crew (2:10). They insult them between each other while being at a distance where the Patriots can hear them. They also make compliments in an intimidating tone, another clever use of the technique.

2) Air Punching: Shortly after Bluebeard’s interaction a young gentleman begins punching the air at a safe distance while chanting some nonsense. This technique is called Air Punching. It has been used by the left for thousands of years to intimidate the enemy.

You will likely see this technique being used at the upcoming Deplorables Tour in December. The Unshackled advises you to stay safe and be aware of these techniques.

To defend against them, simply remain still and be aware of your surroundings as there will likely be more dangerous Antifa warriors waiting in the crowd for a moment to strike.

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