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On our interview show this week our guest is Australian YouTuber truediltom. His channel has over 3,000 subscibers and features videos on political philosophy as well as current events, he comes from a libertarian background but has sympathies with the alt-right. We explore with him why so many libertarians have joined the alt-light and alt-right including reasons such as the migrant crises and the left becoming more regressive and totalitarian. We also debate the concept of race realism and ask why is this now considered so important, as its an issue that has lead to some libertarians in the alt-right teaming up with national socialists who have a disdain for capitalism.

We also ask truediltom to explain R/K selection theory and what that tells us about contemporary political issues. We then discuss how an Anarcho-Capitalist society would truly work and how the much debated concept of physical removal of undesirable people comes into it. We also discuss how you can disapprove of something and not want to see it spread yet not be in favor of banning it, both from natural rights and utilitarian point of view. We then finish by discussing where we see western society heading and can its current problems be corrected anytime soon.…

Links to truediltom
The Rational Rise
Being Libertarian

Videos Mentioned
Libertarians Are Not K-Selected
What is Physical Removal?
On Pornography

Other Content Discussed
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