Patriots rally in Penrith to oppose planned Islamic school, and Antifa was there to hear it


Patriots and concerned Australians gathered today in Penrith to oppose the construction of a new Islamic school in the Western Sydney suburb. Considered to be the last “bastion” of Anglo-Australian identity in Western Sydney, the rally was held to raise awareness and vocally oppose an institution that would further threaten the safety and security of local residents.

The rally was organised by the Party for Freedom, a proudly patriotic and nationalistic political party that has held several grassroots events aimed at promoting right-wing values. It’s most recent event included the March to Malcolm’s Mansion, a protest held outside the Prime Minister’s Point Piper mansion in Sydney’s East in order to prevent the government from resettling refugees in Western Sydney.

Today’s event was partly influenced by last week’s Manchester terrorist attacks that killed 22 people that was, unsurprisingly, carried out by an Islamic extremist. This has further strengthened the cause to find a practical solution to Islamic terrorism in the West, such as placing a ban on Muslim immigration. This is because Muslim terrorists account for a disproportionately large number of the arrests for terrorism offenses, 118 out of 122 people in prison in Britain for terrorism-related offenses were Muslim.

These concerns have further emboldened Islam critical views in western nations, as it is becoming more and more clear that Islam and terrorism are inextricably linked. The construction of an Islamic school, of which the teachers are imams who are not able to speak English, further raises concerns regarding the risks and possible harm associated with its presence.

After proposing for the creation of an Islamic schools watchdog, one of the speakers of the rally stated, “Australia does not want the seeding of Islamic fundamentalism in our children”. He continued, “What we want taught in Australian schools is secular Australianism, secular Australian law, we don’t want girls to be told they are second class to boys or that their husbands are allowed to hit them.”

Islam’s position on women was a major theme in the rally, with Elizabeth Fredrics who operated an online effort against the construction of a mosque in Lithgow taking the frontline in exposing the sexist nature of Islam and its danger to children. She recounted her tale of questioning the Islamic proponent of the Lithgow mosque who ignored her when asked whether he agreed with female genital mutilations and child marriage. She also revealed how this individual excused Halal as a method to prevent the infection of meat, but when being told that modern food purification processes are more advanced, he simply said it’s a religious requirement.

Young teenagers accounted for the majority of the small Antifa counter-protest

Of course, a right-wing rally is not complete without the presence of Antifa, and a group of teenage counter-protestors arrived within half-an-hour of the event’s commencement. They mainly seemed to be youth in need of a thrill, and simply kept chanting and accusing the rally attendees of being Nazis and racists. But they were present in order to listen to the information being made by the speakers, and hopefully were intelligent enough to realise the truth behind it.

The continued presence of Islam and the infiltration of Australian (and Western) society through the construction of Islamic schools is an ongoing problem that mainstream politicians fail to address. Smaller parties like One Nation and the Party for Freedom are one of few organisations striving to prevent Australian society from taking Sweden’s path. An online petition to prevent the construction of the school has already 5483 signatures, and it is hoped that this effort will help the council see some common sense.


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