UN’s Lamest Attack on Australia’s Border Security Yet

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) has launched its latest attack on Australia’s Border Security arrangements, albeit a pretty lame one. It claims that the Australian Government has backtracked on an agreement with them to settle some asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island in Australia, if they could not be settled in the United States under the latest third country resettlement policy.

This was news to members of the government and to the Australian public at large. As it has been long term government policy that those who arrive to Australia by boat will not be settled in Australia ever. In fact, it’s a policy dating back to the dying days of the Rudd Government (even though Rudd claimed otherwise last week). Nobody believes that the Coalition, the party that stopped the boats would agree with a UN agency to allow a weak link in Australia’s Border Security arrangement.

A representative of the UNHCR on 7.30 last night could not offer any proof that there was an agreement with the Australian government to settle some asylum seekers in Australia. The most likely truth is that the UNHCR has made this claim to take a periodic whack at the Australian Government because it will not open up the floodgates and accept anyone as a refugee to our shores.

Since the UNHCR’s claim refugee advocacy groups have been able to gain significant airtime such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. They made the claim that Australia is breaking international law by not allowing family resettlement. The UNHRC claimed it was under family resettlement arrangements that the Australian government would allow asylum seekers to come to Australia.

There was the usual claim that it was cruel to break up families in this way and for the government to attempt to pass legislation that asylum seekers settled in third countries could never return to Australia. Of course, if these asylum seekers were interested in family reunion that could have come to Australia via legal means instead of trying to queue jump and come by boat. They have no one to blame for themselves.

Even though the Turnbull Government still allows a high immigration intake, at least they have made sure that illegal entry to the country is now much harder. The UN and their leftist supporters can shriek all they want about the alleged cruelty of our policy, but it is a policy which has the support of the Australian people and the government knows this. If you are going to attack the Australia Government on Border Security UN, you must do better than this.

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