The Right’s Peaceful Rise


In Australia, the Alt-Right and Far-Right Neo-Reactionary movements are beginning to gather pace. You might see for yourself the proliferation of posters in your streets, the increase in traffic to alternative news websites like The Unshackled. You might have noticed the flurry of nationalistic slogans being chanted by the Prime Minister ever increasing. For sure, nationalist and pro-western movements are rising. What’s also interesting, is that these groups have an overwhelming policy of a “peaceful rise” strategy, in stark contrast to the aggressive street thug leftists.

Here are some of the key reasons for their rise that The Unshackled has uncovered:

Efficient and Effective

A peaceful rise stratagem is seen as an effective approach for these groups. These groups have been unfairly labelled as “thugs”, “supremacist”, “hateful” and “terrorist organisations” repeatedly in the past by websites such as the Southern Poverty Law Centre, and the general spewing of propaganda by the Leftist establishment media.

Violence is Counterproductive

The Unshackled has been a keen observer of these groups, and has discovered that these Right-Wing groups see violence as counterproductive to their end goals. The end goals of these groups are very timid. All they want to achieve is winning the culture war, where morals, traditional family and a sense of national respect is established. Fighting a cultural war with violence is a quick path to defeat.

Violence Doesn’t Work

We saw the thuggery of the Left in full swing during the United States Presidential election. The left with their “Punch a Nazi” campaign, and their continued efforts to intimated Trump supporters only emboldened the Trump campaign.  The Lefts use of violence didn’t secure a Hillary victory, so why would it help to push forward a culture war in Australia?   The evidence is, violence is ineffective and doesn’t work.

Image Issues

The Left doesn’t care about its “bad boy” image, because they run everything. The right on the other hand doesn’t have the ability to skirt the law or damage its image though the use of violence. The Right wants to maintain its impeccable and upstanding image, and not follow the Left into ignominy.

The Right Upholds the Law

The Right-Wing of politics wants and demands law, order and civility. The Right wing is fighting to restore law and order, not to follow the left into the world of skirting the law. They see high civilization and the maintenance of high civilization as a high priority.

Overall, the Rising Right, sees peaceful action as the path to victory in a war that is being fought on the cultural front.  The Unshackled will continue to report on Rising Right in the future, and see if its “peaceful rise” can be maintained.

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