US Rapper Fatman Scoop Invites Scott Morrison to Be His Personal Guest for Rap Concert


American rap icon Fatman Scoop has publicly invited Australian Prime Minister to join him backstage at the R&B Fridays concert which is due to be held in Australia this November. The invitation was issued following Morrison’s controversial decision this week to tweet a satirical video, which featured footage from Question Time being overlaid with one of Scoop’s songs. The song — ‘Be Faithful’, which contains sexually explicit lyrics, was later removed by Morrison, following revelations that the video violated parliamentary rules relating to the manipulation of footage from the Australian Parliament.

Fatman Scoop had previously stated on Instagram that he was “humbled to have (his) voice rocking in the highest offices of the Australian Government”. Despite his own self-admitted apolitical stance in relation to Australian politics, Scoop still said that he was interested in discussing Morrison’s policies with him. The rapper stated via Instagram that he was inviting Morrison to “watch, dance, and after in the backstage area discuss politics with me”. Morrison — a hard-line social conservative who is also a practicing Christian, would no doubt have much to discuss with Scoop, given the rapper’s ongoing glorification of drug use and casual sexual encounters. The Australian Prime Minister is still yet to respond to the invitation.

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