Video: Post Australian Pride March Interview – Kane, Head of the True Blue Crew

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Once the Pride March had concluded in Carlton Gardens the True Blue Crew had to walk around Melbourne under police escort in an effort to lose their socialist protestors who were still looking for an opportunity to attack them. By the time they arrived at Federation Square everyone was safe and sound and enjoyed a beer and a bite to eat.

So we decided to chat with Kane who is the head of the True Blue Crew to learn what their mission is, why they decided to organize the march today and why they have chosen to be involved in the patriot movement. He also dispels some of the myths about patriot movement and responds to some of the slurs that are thrown his way.

This interview is entirely unedited in the interests of making sure the real stories of the True Blue Crew are told. The audio quality is not great, we are investing in some pro audio equipment for future public events.

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Written Report:
The Real Story of the Australian Pride March 2017 in Melbourne


  • harry hippy

    Sort your sound system out. I caught about one word in ten. Also an overview of what the march, protest, reason for being there would help too. Just imagine you are new to the who, why and what your organisation is about and let people know. Muddled, fuddled and a waste of my time. I may even support you if I had a clue of what you stood for.

    • Rob Weston

      Good on ya TBC .. Well said mate… Up the lefties

      • Rob Weston

        What it stand for… Government sends millions overseas for aid but when floods happened in qld puts 1 million dollars in a fund where they can borrow and pay back with low interest they need to put austrailians first also bringing over all these refugees when we have homeless on the streets aii, giving 70 million dollars to boat people for being mistreted they came here illegally they should be in jail not on an island getting smokes food accommodation the works that us tax payers pay for…. This is why I turn up and why I will keep turning up