Australia is becoming a nation of non-believers, and it’s killing us.


A nation whose people reject religion in favour of hedonistic illusions is a nation whose social collapse is imminent. The 2016 Australian census provides a glimpse of just that. The results of last year’s census reveal that 29.6% of today’s Australians do not adhere to a religious tradition, an increase from 22.6% since 2011. To make matters worse, the last five years have seen a 39% increase in the number of same-sex couples, a phenomenon that correlates with growing atheism. This is the latest piece of evidence that confirms the fears of traditionalists, conservatives, and right-libertarians alike.

Australian society is falling under the shadow of the left, and our people are suffering under its weight. The increasing prevalence of same-sex relationships in today’s society is a result of the cultural decline that has exacerbated since recent times through various leftist progressive movements, such as the sexual revolution of the 1960s. This is the legacy of progressivism, and this is the degeneracy of which the consequences are blatant before our eyes.

The moral laws propagated by Christianity, or any religion for that matter, were created for a reason. Fashioned through the wisdom and knowledge of our forefathers, these codes of morality were compiled thousands of years before the advent of modern medicine and science. Yet those who formulated these laws possessed an enlightened understanding of life that the 21st century, with all its technology and progress, seems to lack. This is where same-sex relationships prove to be a classic example. The health risks that are inextricably connected to same-sex sexual activity, as discovered by modern medicine, simply goes to show the validity of Christianity’s stance on homosexuality.

Statistics support the notion that same-sex sexual activity was shunned by Christianity for a reason. In 2008, despite accounting for about 1.65% of the American population, homosexual men made up 63% of new syphilis cases. More recently, in 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that this 1.65% of the American population accounted for 83% of all syphilis cases. 78% of homosexuals suffer from a sexually transmitted infection (STI), and they account for 37% of all cases of anal cancer. This is not normal, yet this is hardly surprising to the staunch conservative, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Statistical results against homosexuality includes more than just health problems. Despite making up about 3% of the American population, those who identified as homosexual accounted for 40% of all child sex predators. It must be stressed that gay couples are now allowed to adopt children, and there has been a 39% increase in gay couples in our country. Yet, we live in a day and age where wanting to protect children is dismissed as homophobia or bigotry, but protecting those with a high likelihood of sexually harassing our children are defended and celebrated in the name of progress.

Of course, the underlying message of the aforementioned numbers is not restricted to homosexual activities alone. Heterosexual individuals are also increasingly promiscuous, and increasingly partake in harmful acts such as anal sex. Such individuals are also at a greater risk of suffering health problems. It is clear that only those individuals committed to monogamous heterosexual relationships who are above caving in to desires of the flesh are immune to sexually-related health problems. Religion has provided a foundation for such wisdom, a foundation that appears to be gradually eroding.

The key takeaway of this lesson is that the rejection of religion in favour of hedonism and desires of the flesh has resulted in an unprecedented increase in health problems. The fact that a minute percentage of the population account for such an extensive amount of diseases simply because they have been led astray by the growing phenomena of atheism is a real life example of the dangers experienced by a nation of non-believers.

The Christian heritage of Australia and the Western world has guided its people for millennia, yet this guidance is being rejected by a world that is turning more and more towards the left. Atheists have always been fond of questioning religion in favour of scientific progress, yet ironically, it is science that reveals the true purpose of religious morality. The 2016 census data draws dystopian pictures of the future if these dangerous trends continue, unless we as a country act now to prevent the degenerate future that will oppress us all.


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