Australia is becoming a nation of non-believers, and it’s killing us.

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A nation whose people reject religion in favour of hedonistic illusions is a nation whose social collapse is imminent. The 2016 Australian census provides a glimpse of just that. The results of last year’s census reveal that 29.6% of today’s Australians do not adhere to a religious tradition, an increase from 22.6% since 2011. To make matters worse, the last five years have seen a 39% increase in the number of same-sex couples, a phenomenon that correlates with growing atheism. This is the latest piece of evidence that confirms the fears of traditionalists, conservatives, and right-libertarians alike.

Australian society is falling under the shadow of the left, and our people are suffering under its weight. The increasing prevalence of same-sex relationships in today’s society is a result of the cultural decline that has exacerbated since recent times through various leftist progressive movements, such as the sexual revolution of the 1960s. This is the legacy of progressivism, and this is the degeneracy of which the consequences are blatant before our eyes.

The moral laws propagated by Christianity, or any religion for that matter, were created for a reason. Fashioned through the wisdom and knowledge of our forefathers, these codes of morality were compiled thousands of years before the advent of modern medicine and science. Yet those who formulated these laws possessed an enlightened understanding of life that the 21st century, with all its technology and progress, seems to lack. This is where same-sex relationships prove to be a classic example. The health risks that are inextricably connected to same-sex sexual activity, as discovered by modern medicine, simply goes to show the validity of Christianity’s stance on homosexuality.

Statistics support the notion that same-sex sexual activity was shunned by Christianity for a reason. In 2008, despite accounting for about 1.65% of the American population, homosexual men made up 63% of new syphilis cases. More recently, in 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that this 1.65% of the American population accounted for 83% of all syphilis cases. 78% of homosexuals suffer from a sexually transmitted infection (STI), and they account for 37% of all cases of anal cancer. This is not normal, yet this is hardly surprising to the staunch conservative, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Statistical results against homosexuality includes more than just health problems. Despite making up about 3% of the American population, those who identified as homosexual accounted for 40% of all child sex predators. It must be stressed that gay couples are now allowed to adopt children, and there has been a 39% increase in gay couples in our country. Yet, we live in a day and age where wanting to protect children is dismissed as homophobia or bigotry, but protecting those with a high likelihood of sexually harassing our children are defended and celebrated in the name of progress.

Of course, the underlying message of the aforementioned numbers is not restricted to homosexual activities alone. Heterosexual individuals are also increasingly promiscuous, and increasingly partake in harmful acts such as anal sex. Such individuals are also at a greater risk of suffering health problems. It is clear that only those individuals committed to monogamous heterosexual relationships who are above caving in to desires of the flesh are immune to sexually-related health problems. Religion has provided a foundation for such wisdom, a foundation that appears to be gradually eroding.

The key takeaway of this lesson is that the rejection of religion in favour of hedonism and desires of the flesh has resulted in an unprecedented increase in health problems. The fact that a minute percentage of the population account for such an extensive amount of diseases simply because they have been led astray by the growing phenomena of atheism is a real life example of the dangers experienced by a nation of non-believers.

The Christian heritage of Australia and the Western world has guided its people for millennia, yet this guidance is being rejected by a world that is turning more and more towards the left. Atheists have always been fond of questioning religion in favour of scientific progress, yet ironically, it is science that reveals the true purpose of religious morality. The 2016 census data draws dystopian pictures of the future if these dangerous trends continue, unless we as a country act now to prevent the degenerate future that will oppress us all.


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  • ChristianNightmare

    You know Jesus was a gay lefty right?

  • LadyBlah

    I think it’s fantastic news to see adults using their logic and brains and refusing to believe in fairy tales any longer. More are learning science and evolution, more people are accepting their born biologies of homosexuality, the way nature intended. It’s a MASSIVE cause for celebration. Hooray!

    • “More are learning science and evolution”? That’s funny. Some of the brightest intellectuals in Western academia are either Christian or theists. “More people are accepting their born biologies of homosexuality”… Wow, so you lambast Christians for believing in fairytales while you openly admit that you believe them yourself.

      • hudstar2011 .

        Sadly for you the brightest intellectuals in science debunk gods. Read Sam Harris’ spirituality without religion -you cannot claim faith as your own political movement anymore. Goodbye

        • When I was debating an atheist four years ago, he said the following, “There are thousands of scientists from hundreds of countries working together on a Large Hadron Collider worth $1,325,000,000 discovering universal truths requiring absolute mathematical mastery to truly comprehend. One of many largely funded projects devoted to sub atomic research and quantum physics. Not one scientist or genius dedicated to this field argues the universe was created by a god in the bible.” To that I said challenge accepted, and I ended up finding two highly respected scientists who were leading particle physicists at CERN where the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is based. I emailed Prof. Pablo Yepes Ph.D and this is the email I got back from him.

          May I ask how you got my name?
          I certainly believe in God and I know of other physicists who work at CERN and believe in God. I think there are more than we think, since this is a topic that is not often touched upon. There are not too many who practise a religion, but I think there are many more who believe in some kind of a God.


          Pablo Yepes

          I ended up conducting an interview with him in 2013, in which he said he attended a Bible study at the CERN facility. There is also Prof. Andrew Pinsent Ph.D who is a Catholic Priest and also Research Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion at Oxford University. He is also a particle physicist, whose previous work contributed to the DELPHI experiment at CERN (which played an important role in the lead up to the experiments at the LHC). I emailed him as well, but I never heard back from him.

          One of the biggest myths among popular culture is that all the smartest scientists are atheists. This is completely false. In fact the higher you go up among the echelons of the scientific community, the fewer and fewer atheists you find. Most at the highest positions within the scientific community are actually theists, not atheists. Why is this the case? Well, I believe that the quote by Werner Heisenberg has a lot of truth to it, “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

          See this article which contains statistical information from Pew Research Center:

          See also here:

      • LadyBlah

        Ok dude. I can’t reason with stupid and/or delusional. Keep believing in your fact-free, uncited nonsense.

    • Doug

      What a moron you are. In one breath you say people are using their brains and science, in the next you praise homosexuality. No-one who truly uses science praises degenerate behaviour like homosexuality.
      Science says homosexuality and pedophilia are closely intertwined.
      Science says the human body is not designed for buggery.
      Science says homosexuals gets more disease, both because of the act of buggery, and because of their promiscuity.
      Science says homosexuals are not born that way.
      Science says there are only two genders, and that a “transgender” person is just a mutilated form of their birth gender.
      Evolutionary Science says homosexuality is a biological dead end, and since homosexuals pose no useful purpose to the propagation species, there is no point to their existence.

      Which is why you find in the 20th century, societies where atheism and humanistic science were the state enforced “religion”, that homosexuals were executed.

      By contrast, the Christian says the homosexual is a loved creation of God, and if s/he forsakes the degenerate behaviour, s/he has the potential to dwell with God in heaven.

      • LadyBlah

        Just going to leave this here. . Also, anticipating your response, please cite a better argument than “THE GUARDIAN IS LIBERAL PROPAGANDA AND THE DEVIL’S PAPER.” Please and thank you.

      • LadyBlah

        “What a moron you are.”
        “By contrast, the Christian says the homosexual is a loved creation of God, and if s/he forsakes the degenerate behaviour, s/he has the potential to dwell with God in heaven.”
        “No-one who truly uses science praises degenerate behaviour like homosexuality.”

        I can’t possibly imagine why folks find extremist Christians intolerant, arrogant, , bigoted and outright abusive. Do you think you’re winning people over this way? Even if I had the potential to believe in a religion, given this line of thinking, I’d honestly rather burn in hell for eternity.

        Learn to speak to people in a civilised way without being outright cruel, judgmental and condemning. If you truly want to live biblically (and trust me, I know, I was a Bible-bashing Baptist and have done many years Bible study as well as a Bethel course), perhaps you should abide by the notion that it’s God’s place to judge, not yours and what you’re doing is far worse in God’s eyes than any sin committed by homosexuals.

        Allow me to cite Mathew 7: 1-5 – 1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

        And I don’t even believe in God. Sweep up the mess on your own doorstep, sir.

        • Deplorable Steve

          Calling out a perverted ideology is not judging. It is those who screech about others judging them who really don’t want a light shone on their perversions. I am happy to be judged by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Derek Robertson

    the bible said “Man should not lay with boy” the catholic’s changed this to “Man should not lay with man”. There is actually not a single phrase in the bible that says being gay is not ok

    • hudstar2011 .

      who cares -the bible also outlines how to marry your slave or what to eat while wearing certain fabrics or where to house menstruating women . Out-dated debunked Neolithic ramblings

      • Derek Robertson

        the person who wrote this blog seems to care, me not so much

  • Luke

    Admin, clean up the degenerate trolls.

  • Anthony Lee

    Great news i would love to live in Austrialia

  • walter

    If you really believe that someone is a non believer if they tell you that, there is something drastically wrong with you. It is like telling a stranger who we are going to vote for. Some things are even more private than we think.

  • Jacko

    Scientists have discovered that people will believe anything when you say scientists have discovered that. There is no science that proves homosexuality is anything other than a choice. Science proved that too.

    • hudstar2011 .

      lol….. some referencing is needed here Jacko…preferably the standard Harvard Referencing will suffice to support your comments.

  • Religion is one outcome (among others) of the moral urge, and not the other way around. The moral urge doesn’t care about the details (of a morality, a religion, a bikie gangs expectations) merely that one be expressed, for the group that does so will survive more than those who are less organised. This is why examples of morality behaviour change through time, and across geographies, while the sense that we are moral remains. Religion is a bronze age expression of the moral urge and formed during the rise of stratified societies, a recidivist period in which primate alpha dominance returns after the paleolithic egalitarian revolution which made us human. And no I don’t believe in believing. The moral urge is as caring as the hunger that daily drives the movement of a pride of lions. The question is, what is the ethical response to the moral urge? Indulging disgust? Indulging one’s feelings and calling them holy? Indulging fear and calling it the voice of heaven?

  • Bravo Sukith. A very well written piece. Jim Nelson Black in his book When Nations Die (1994) said, “There are three aspects of civilisational decay: social decay, cultural decay and moral decay.” We are tragically seeing all three aspects happening in Australia right now. Critics fail to realise that the freedoms that they enjoy in this great country is only afforded to them by our Christian heritage. I would be interesting to see how their freedom of criticism would go in an Islamic country or in a Communist country. Not very well. If these atheist trolls were logically consistent with their atheism, they would be Left, not Right. If God does not exist, then objective moral values and duties do not exist, and therefore a post-modernist relativistic worldview is logically correct. Therefore, Leftist ‘virtues’ such as ‘equality’ is far more important than individual freedom. All religions and cultures must therefore be equal and equally championed and celebrated. The rights of homosexuals to raise children (despite the children’s right to have a Mum and Dad) should be treated equal to heterosexual couples (despite the fact that heterosexual couples are obviously not equal to gay couples in raising families and contributing to the future of Australia in the first place). The 1% should be taxed and given by force to the 99%. The power of the government should be increased, because man is inherently good and can be trusted with unlimited power to give us the rights that we want. Blah blah blah. This is the logical conclusion. It is no wonder that Islam spreads like an aggressive cancer in countries where there is a left wing society. Dennis Prager was right when he said, “The problem is not that most leading conservative thinkers are secular. It is that they don’t seem to understand that a godless and Judeo-Christian-free America means the end of America, just as a godless and Judeo-Christian-free Europe has meant the end of Europe.” And guess what trolls? A godless and Judeo-Christian-free Australia will mean the end of Australia too. Wake up.

    • “if God does not exist, then objective moral values and duties do not exist, ” This is not true. The moral urge comes first, and the detail later. The feeling of duty to belong comes first, and the symbols of that belonging come second. (The moral urge is as objective as the hunger of a pride of lions, how the lions dance changes through time, and varies across the landscape. ). The fact that both Judaism, Islam and Christianity can arise so similarly in outlook (misogynist patriarchal tribalist) yet feel they are at logger heads shows that identity comes first, as an expression of the moral urge, and the forms those moralities wear are uniforms with which the native traditionalists (trump) and opportunistic psychopaths (Putin) rouse their stooges and minions for war, or at least a pogrom or too. Emotional laziness sees such war as a moral act, more proof that the detail, morality, is secondary to the primal moral urge that makes us human.

      • With all due respect Meika, here is where your argument falls down. You sum up your understanding of morality by using words such as “feeling” and “urge” which is hardly objective. You say, “The moral urge is as objective as the hunger of a pride of lions” and hereby admit that secular morality is nothing more than a “herd morality’, which is not only subjective, but dangerously fluid. This is consistent with the Leftist worldview where good and evil are purely relative, where peoples wrongs can be interpreted as good, where justice is denied to the oppressed and genocide can be redefined as ‘population control’. You are saying that man’s interpretation of morality is just a product of socio-biological evolution and nothing more than a ‘herd morality’ that is associated with animals. Therefore, the universally understood act of murder could easily be interpreted as killing in the same way that a lion would kill a zebra. A lion doesn’t murder a zebra, as murder has a moral connotation that is only understood with human beings. The same goes with rape. Take God out of the picture and rape can be reduced to the action of an animal forcibly copulating with a female to spread his progeny—which happens in the animal kingdom all the time. There is no moral dimension to these actions. They are neither prohibited nor obligatory.

        If there is no God and no objective moral values and duties, then you will have to agree with Richard Dawkins who made the following comment in regard to the purpose of human beings: “There is at bottom no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pointless indifference. We are machines for propagating DNA. It is every living object’s sole reason for being.” Considering that man is the result of uncaused accidental evolution on an infinitesimal speck of dust lost somewhere in a hostile and meaningless universe, man therefore is in no way shape or form obligated to follow any moral code. As William Lane Craig says to great effect: “The rapist who goes against the ‘herd morality’ is doing nothing more serious than acting unfashionably, like the man at a posh restaurant who belches loudly at the dinner table or a man who decides to wear white socks with a tuxedo. If there is no moral lawgiver, then there is no objective moral law that we must obey.” He’s right.

        True objective moral values have nothing to do with a “feeling” of duty or a moral “urge” that is comparable to the hunger of a pride of lions. Objective moral values are universal in scope and are valid and binding. They are transcendent and exist independent of human opinion. For example, to say that the holocaust was objectively evil, is to say that it was evil, even though the Nazi’s thought it was good. Even if the Nazi’s had won World War Two and succeeded in brainwashing or exterminating everyone who disagreed with them, the holocaust would STILL be considered as objectively evil.

        The ‘herd morality’ that you speak of is synonymous with ‘political correctness’. As Australia is slowly transitioning from a Christian nation to a post-Christian nation, society is in the process of replacing Christian morality with secular “morality” (herd morality) and are relentlessly preaching this new ‘politically correct’ moral code with virtue signalling via the TV/radio/web media and social media. I’m sorry, but I refuse to subscribe to it, as Western society is becoming more and more crazier by the day. See here to see what I mean:

        If God does not exist, then all moral values are relative and therefore illusory. Moral values are simply the product of socio-biological evolution and can therefore be described as nothing more than a ‘herd morality’. Offenders are not morally accountable, but rather better described as acting against the interests of the herd, or to put it another way—acting ‘unfashionably’.

        I wrote an entire article on this here:

        God bless you Meika.

    • hudstar2011 .

      Sadly your “faith” evolved into hate politics and people got sick of you. 3000 gods exist but 2999 are not real – only yours is the true god. .Doesn’t that make you an atheist with a cognitive disorder . Just enjoy your freedom given to you by every Australian to practice your delusion in a church haven of tax free peace. Stop with the pseudo supernatural doom and gloom that is so typical of brainwashed cults.

      • Marina Shilian Shilian

        Well said!

  • hudstar2011 .

    The “never was” god is dead – move on, nothing to see here folks

  • lahat

    It still has Believers in Australia,
    Just the Believers are of different Groups & Cults, like the cult of communism, Islam, other groups that want the nation to turn away from the God of Yisrael, an all creation.
    The Left are a Religious Cult in their own right, as is Politics.

  • Deplorable Steve

    A day of reckoning will come for all you fag lovers. You will be held accountable for you support of perversion and you will burn in the flames of a hell of your own making. I hope I live long enough to see you scream.

  • For Daniel Secomb: “You say, “The moral urge is as objective as the hunger of a pride of lions” and hereby admit that secular morality is nothing more than a “herd morality’.”

    I’m afraid that’s a non-sequitur, and therefore I admit no such thing. Unfortunately the rest of your efforts following from this are thus a bit wasted.

    So to try and reinforce what I am trying to articulate.

    I am saying all moral urges, including the argument for an “objective morality”, or the feeling that there is or is not an “objective morality” (or should be if there isn’t) or that secular morality is or is not a thing (herd or otherwise), or even the moral urge that Nazi’s think they are doing the right thing which is “objectively wrong” are there before there is any religion at all, that it arose in the old stone ages among and between various hominid ancestors.

    If there was an objective morality we would not be able to argue about whether there was one or not. But we do argue. So I take this as evidence that an objective morality may exist but we don’t have access to it, at the very least. The only thing we can take for granted is that we have a moral urge (which often makes us act or think as if it was objective like those Nazi’s you mentioned) to should on people (or kill them if they should the wrong way.)

    The moral urge doesn’t care about the detail, merely that we get organized. That organization even if stupid from a rational point of view ( especially say a lot of the detail of morality –don’t eat pig or whatever) does get people organised, particularly when outrage. Members of those organised groups will survive better.

    Also look up the difference between various different social organisations among animals including primates and you’ll find that the moral urge even without an “objective morality” is what separates us from the other surviving primates and great apes. From our cousins hominids, probably no so much.

    This difference is sometimes called the egalitarian revolution, it probably took 100s of 100os of years.

    In this I quite like Moral Origins: The Evolution of Virtue, Altruism, and Shame by Christopher Boehm ISBN 13: 9780465020485.

    Also of interest is Our Inner Ape: A Leading Primatologist Explains Why We Are Who We Are
    by Frans de Waal ISBN-13: 978-1594481963 and Darwin, God and the Meaning of Life by Steve Stewart-Williams.

    And design is over-rate. We make things, we think that is clever, so when we made god in own image we made ’em a maker-god.

    If it is turtles all the way down then it is gods all the way up.