Fast Interview – Joy Britten from ProLife Auckland


As part of the Unshackled’s coverage of New Zealand’s general election campaign we spoke with a number candidates and activists so we could gain an understanding of the politics of New Zealand, what were the big issues in the campaign and probably most relevantly what Australians can learn from the election.

We decided to take the time to speak with a more grassroots activist group. ProLife Auckland is a student run pro life activist and support organisation at the University of Auckland who were recently disaffiliated from the university’s student association basically for having the wrong opinion, in another attack of free speech at university campuses. We sat down with their spokesperson Joy Britten to learn about their activism and their recent experience at the university.

We explore why they decided to form given that universities are such a hostile environment, what are the types of activism and activities they engage in on campus and what reception they have received. We ask how they handle some of the abuse and untruths that are directed at them. We then turn to how the recent disaffiliation of their organization has affected their activism and how the process came about. We finish by asking Joy her thoughts on the election and the pledge from Labour leader Jacinda Ardern that she wants to legalize abortion and euthanasia.

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