Black Pigeon Speaks Banned From YouTube for 12 Hours


Popular anti-SJW YouTuber Black Pigeon Speaks (real name Felix Lace) has had their channel terminated for hate speech as part of its updated policy on “hateful and supremacist content” introduced last week.

Lace before embarking on a YouTube career operated a travel channel TVShinjuku. His channel had managed to amass 500,000 subscribers prior to termination. Now when you visit his channel you are greeted with this message.


His channel had been demonetized last week under YouTube’s new “harassment” policy triggered by Vox writer Carlos Maza complaining to YouTube about conservative presenter Steven Crowder’s comments about him. One Black Pigeon’s last videos on YouTube was on critical of Maza’s YouTube’s actions.

Black Pigeon Speaks is amazingly is not banned from crowdfunding platform Patreon and can still sell memberships via PayPal. Normally when a major deplatforming occurs it is coordinated throughout all the major tech companies.

Black Pigeon Speaks on his Twitter account responded to his YouTube channel termination by tagging Team YouTube in a tweet asking for their justification.

He may be waiting on an answer for a long time, or instead YouTube will give their reason to a hostile news outlet as has occurred in previous deplatformings where the one banned is the last to know.

Black Pigeon Speaks had diversified their online presence with a website to act as a central hub for their content. As well as still being on Twitter they still have a Facebook Page which has 41k likes.

Their YouTube content is now backed up on BitChute, but that limits their reach to many Australians as BitChute is still blocked by Australia’s main three ISPs.

Black Pigeon Speaks is also free speech social media Minds and Gab, and in case he is also deplatformed by the payment processors he is accepting cryptocurrency donations.

It is clear from YouTube terminating another high profile right-wing channel one week after their policy update that they are not finished with their purge yet, and there could be more channel terminations for hate speech to come.


Black Pigeon Speaks has had their YouTube channel reinstated. In his explanatory return video he thanked all those who had complained to YouTube about his channel termination and spread the word online, including a special shout out to Brittany Pettibone.

Despite him being back on YouTube Black Pigeon Speaks has vowed to upload new videos in advance to BitChute and is not taking it as given that the pro-censorship push and targeting of right wing content creators has been halted.

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