Fast Interview – Bob McCoskrie from Family First New Zealand

As part of the Unshackled’s coverage of New Zealand’s general election campaign we are speaking with a number candidates and activists so we can gain an understanding of the politics of New Zealand, what are the big issues in this campaign and probably most relevantly what Australians can learn from this election.

We were lucky enough to speak with Bob McCorksie who is the National Director of Family First New Zealand which is the nation’s peak conservative and family lobby group. We start off by asking him what he believes are the values of New Zealanders and how that influences their activism. We also discuss the emergence of life issues in this campaign with the push to decriminalize abortion and legalize euthanasia.

We learn about New Zealand’s experience with same sex marriage given that Australia is in the middle of a plebiscite on the issue.  We inquire if there is a New Zealand equivalent of destructive programs such as Safe Schools.

We ask if they have friendly politicians and media allies who can be relied upon to push for their cause and finish off by asking could New Zealand see the emergence of a new Conservative Party as is happening back in Australia.

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