Australia’s most regressive leader Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is at it again. He loves virtue signalling on social issues rather than solving the real problems facing Victoria, such as its growing crime wave, affordable energy and badly needed infrastructure. Today he has announced his government is working towards a treaty with Aboriginal Victorians.

Victoria’s Cabinet today heard an address from the head of the government’s Aboriginal Treaty Interim Working Group which has apparently been consulting with Victorian Aboriginals for 18 months already. Now apparently the Andrews Government will facilitate the formation of a representative body for Aboriginal Victorians which can then negotiate a treaty. It has all the appearance of a long, convoluted and therefore an expensive process.

Daniel Andrews has claimed that a treaty is necessary “because true reconciliation with the nation’s first peoples is essential if we are to close the gap”. Even if a treaty with Aboriginal people was desirable, why is it a state government responsibility? Surely there should only be one treaty between the Aboriginal people as a whole with the federal government?

Bill Shorten on the weekend at the Garma Festival committed the Labor Party not only to having an indigenous voice to parliament but negotiating a treaty with indigenous people. But of course, Daniel Andrews wants to get in on the act on showing how progressive he is on the issue as well. One should ask does Daniel Andrews support the push to move Australia Day? Might he declare a new public holiday for Victoria for Aboriginal people to celebrate?

Daniel Andrews already during his time as Premier has apologized to the homosexual community for the state previously criminalising sodomy, and more recently even apologised to the state’s Chinese community for the treatment of Chinese Victorians during the 1850s gold rush. Daniel Andrews has also written to the Prime Minister to declare the state would take refugees from Nauru and also to call on him to cancel the plebiscite on same sex marriage.

Daniel Andrews will hopefully be out of office in November 2018, maybe his achievement by then is to make sure he’s placated every minority and supposedly oppressed group he can think of? Meanwhile ordinary Victorians suffer and the state’s problems grow worse.

Let’s hope Daniel Andrews is not around to see this treaty take place which would have the potential to undermine equality before the law, property rights and democratic decision making, meanwhile doing nothing practical to improve Aboriginal welfare. Australians have had enough of this endless virtue signalling from leftist leaders and would prefer governments get on with solving real problems.

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