Soulbuzz: A Christian-Orientated Lifestyle Website Is Now Here


Feel-good website Soulbuzz is set for a re-launch this weekend. It will continue to provide great stories and advice, but with a twist. It will take on new meaning by providing a Christian outlook to its website content.

Soulbuzz provides information that is ripe for the mind, body, and soul. It gives relationship advice and helps people manage their careers through the ups and downs that modern life hurls at them. Creator of Soulbuzz, Luke Roughley, has faced a lot of tough times himself, and wants an outlet to be able to help those in need. His content was purposefully designed to give people positive thoughts, and to steer people in the right direction if they are facing many struggles and problems in their lives.

There will be a section that has testimonies by ordinary Aussies that want to talk about their experiences. At a time where Christianity is becoming more and more censored, people will value a place where they can speak without being silenced. Soulbuzz will be outspoken on the issues that concern the silent majority of Australians. From the trashing of traditional marriage to the indoctrination taking place in our schools, Soulbuzz will tackle each issue head on.

We are frequently hearing how there are over 50 genders to choose from, and that we should reject traditional social norms. Our children are being brainwashed into thinking that what once was normal and righteous is now bigoted, and what once was degenerate is now liberating. They have had programs like Safe Schools shoved down their throats without the consent of parents, all to suit a Marxist agenda that aims to destroy the family unit. Non-traditional lifestyles have been promoted to such an extent that our children are choosing to violate their own bodies by performing harmful acts in the name of delusional attractions.

We are seeing a complete disregard of life, whether it be the continual promotion of abortion or euthanasia by the left. We have a drug epidemic amongst our youth, and crime rates that are going through the roof. Divorces are at record highs that in-turn tear families apart, and negatively impact children. Society needs to go back to basics in order to once again be great and achieve, and we need to help one another overcome life’s obstacles.

We at the Unshackled believe that outlets like Soulbuzz are essential. With the ongoing attacks that we see Christianity facing, it is our duty to uphold the great values that built the very foundations of this country.


Damien Ferri
Senior Editor @ The Unshackled




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