Bill Shorten complains about inequalities but silent on ABC fat cat salaries


The salaries enjoyed by the heads of Australia’s government institutions draw a wide range of views from the public, ranging from some tolerance to complete disgust. These views make up an ongoing national debate regarding whether our taxpayer money should be spent so lavishly on people who are, at the end of the day, public employees working for the Australian people.

Regardless of what your stance on the issue is, we can all agree that these sorts of situations come across as the most effective in revealing the hypocrisy inherent in the left side of politics, especially with the opposition leader Bill Shorten. Bill Shorten never fails to make himself a name by flaunting his economic illiteracy just in time for some sort of big revelation, such as government salaries (all while government employees receive modest pay rises).

This time, while attending an economic outlook conference held by the Melbourne Institute, the opposition leader stated that inequalities threaten our social cohesion and economic strength. Anyone with a brain would know that this is just another attempt at stiffening government regulations over our lives and money, and promoting the increased extortion of Australian people. Might as well say “I just want to take more and more money from people who I trick into voting for me and impose greater restrictions on their ability to advance financially”.

It’s just another socialist argument used by a socialist leader of a socialist party that is ultimately controlled by the unions. This isn’t the first time this opposition leader’s hypocrisy has been laid bare for all to see.

Earlier this month, we discovered that Bill Shorten, despite his supposed support for Sunday penalty rates, was actually involved in secret deals between big unions and big businesses that saw their workers’ salaries reduced. Yet it was Bill Shorten that was running around the country pretending to “put people first”, using feel-good slogans instead of hard truths to lure in voters into his big white party van while covering up his secret shenanigans.

Now, Bill Shorten wants to tackle inequality and lay siege to Australians’ freedoms, incomes, and livelihoods. Forget about working hard for your money and trying to climb up the corporate ladder, because if this man is to become our next Prime Minister, you will only be climbing up the tax ladder. This is because, as you know, Shorten was talking about equality of outcomes.

Despite Australian society already having equality of opportunity, and inequality in general being the natural order of society (which can be harmful if transgressed, as the Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and Venezuelan people, to name a few, found out the hard way), this socialist opposition leader wants to continue misleading Australian voters and take them for a joke.

Funnily enough, just before Bill Shorten was lecturing to economists and politicians in Melbourne (where else?) about his heartfelt concerns about inequality, Pauline Hanson revealed the fat cat salaries handed out over at the ABC, including its boss receiving $900,000 per annum. All you need is 100k more and Michelle could’ve had the big one, wander what shied her away from that, probably her PR team. Apart from Michelle Guthrie’s six-figure salary, her ten most senior reporters take in $400,000 each per year. If you didn’t know already, this is taxpayer money.

Add to this list the Human Rights Commissioners: Australia’s newest basher in chief Tim Soutphommasane alone earns $339,460 per year while he wastes the nation’s time and does more to erode our freedoms than care about actual human rights. More importantly, let’s not forget former Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour who pocketed $5.6 million in 2016, which almost makes me feel pity for Michelle. Almost.

But I’m not here to make fun of or criticise public employees slicing out a nice piece of the government expenditure that has for the most part been extorted from Australians’ heard-earned money. I’m here to make fun of and criticise our dear opposition leader for having the nerve to say that we have a problem with “inequalities”, but staying silent with regards to his mates over at ABC headquarters in Sydney enjoying such lavish salaries funded by yours truly and his fellow Australian citizens.

This is an Opposition Leader who has not only been exposed for being a hypocrite, but a leader who wants to fly around the country lecturing inner city elites about inequality while being indifferent to the public broadcaster showering generous amounts of taxpayer money on itself.  But then again, being the government’s propaganda outlet is hard-work, so might as well entitle yourself to the money paid by the people you are deceiving 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is my hope that most Australian people see this Opposition Leader for what he is and make the smart decision next election by ignoring his party at the polling booth altogether. Your future and this country’s future depends on it.

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