Left-wing school indoctrination is in full swing, and not just in the way you think


For years, the United Kingdom has been experiencing a shortage of teachers, to which the government has carried out a variety of initiatives in response. Its most recent campaign was a series of promotional videos distributed by the Department of Education intended to attract more people to the teaching profession. It mainly featured young hip-looking teachers encouraging younger members of their generation to follow in their footsteps and enter a fulfilling career path.

Some of these videos featured a certain head of computer science from a north London school with a distinguishing Afro haircut. His name is Calvin Robinson, and despite a young trendy appearance that gives him a liberal persona, he has been the most recent individual to drop the bomb regarding left-wing indoctrination in schools. Sadly, this phenomenon has been around for so long that we are hardly surprised by his revelations.

Robinson, youth officer for the Hampstead and Kilburn Conservative group in addition to his teaching position at St Mary’s and St John’s School, told the UK Daily Telegraph that students are being “indoctrinated to a left-wing mentality”, and directed to view the Conservative party as “evil”.

He also went on to say that “Pretty much throughout their entire educational career, young people are being trained into a lefty way of thinking. I’ve seen this first hand on too many occasions and it leaves me constantly concerned.” Surprised? I’m not. As a former student who attended a public school in Australia before making the smart decision to switch to a Catholic school, I have been subjected to the entire program of brainwashing by the former.

Starting from primary school, I have been exposed to the entire program ranging from sex education to the stolen generations (it was only recently that children in a Sydney school were emotionally abused under a new method of teaching the myth of stolen generations). Back in 2010, Conservative commentator Kevin Donnelly was able to, believe it or not, use the state-funded ABC to air his concerns regarding former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s politically correct approach to teaching Australian history. This has given way to a form of leftist indoctrination that is far more sinister.

Being from Australia, I experience my fair share of frustrations thinking about our children’s plight at the hands of a degenerate education system. As a result of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ left-wing crusade, the state’s children are being taught radical gender theory under the Safe Schools program. The more recent Respectful Relationships program is not any better, which teaches children about classic cultural Marxist concepts such as male privilege and the violence engendered in masculine sports. Even Catholic schools are caving in to this trend.

Sadly, the United Kingdom isn’t any better. Not only are students taught to hate the Conservative party, but children as young as four must endure sex education. Their excuse? The internet means kids can access porn, so might as well expose them to such concepts earlier. Homosexual themes and other LGBT issues are also included in this new program, which has been implemented by an apparently “Conservative” government (here’s an actual reason to hate the Conservative party).

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In the United States, the true extent of leftist infiltration in its education system came to light immediately after Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential Election. Some teachers wept in class as the results were coming in, instead of doing their job. These are the same teachers who bully students if they dare criticise or speak against the liberal ideas being taught.

Instead of promoting free speech, open discussion and critical thinking, schools are labelling white male students automatically as rapists, simply because of their skin colour. Is it not this form of skin-colour-based judgement that the civil rights movement aimed at eradicating? More broadly, aren’t teachers meant to be apolitical instead of bullying students for wearing pro-Trump t-shirts while their peers can flaunt pro-Democrat regalia without any stigmatisation?

This is all apart from the more widely-known shenanigans happening at educational institutions such as the University of Michigan, which told students they can choose their own pronouns. One student chose to respond to this absurdity by calling himself “His Majesty”, because why not? Who are we to judge a man who calls himself a woman, or an adult who thinks he’s a child if everything is relative and socially constructed? Sadly, even the Trump administration has not been innocent of similar mistakes, such as issuing a letter forcing all teachers to use transgender students’ preferred pronouns, or risk being investigated for civil-rights violations.

Schools are not meant to be teaching kids harmful and dangerous leftist concepts, ranging from the extortion of money to the fluidity of gender, which is currently a revolutionary statement to make. A few months ago, conservative commentator Katie Hopkins revealed how British children are being taught to hate Trump, Brexit, and support Hillary Clinton. Ostracising children who support Trump is in full swing, and lies are being fed to legitimise this effort.

Calvin Robinson’s warnings are simply the most recent in regard to this sinister issue. Robinson himself believes that schools are not meant to be a political environment, and that political discussion may be appropriate if conducted in the right way. But what do you expect from the left, whose only method of gaining popularity is by poisoning the minds of our children? It is not just sex-education that is the problem, but a range of different political issues that are being pushed by the left in our education system to gain them support. From home-schooling to trusted private schools, it is time to boycott state schools for the sake of our children, at least until we reclaim the system.

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