Extinction Rebellion Exposed

Extinction Rebellion is an upper-middle-class death cult. It is reactionary, regressive and an elitist movement wanting heavy austerity for the masses.

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is an upper-middle-class death cult. It projects its psycho-social hang-ups to the rest of society at large. It is reactionary, regressive and an elitist movement wanting heavy austerity for the masses. It is the same people who say it is fascism to reduce government funding for any sort of program, but they want an entire halt to economic activity.

All digging for coal,  petroleum industries, transport,  shipping,  factories employing tens of millions, take planes out of the skies-cut it all, reign it all in. All the billions who rely on them: stuff the lot of them. They are only people. These people bemoan modernity and are self-flagellating loathers.

The People’s Republic of China despite its recent human rights abuses has lifted around 800 million from poverty since the end of the Mao era. The Extinction Rebellion movement says that fact does not matter.

Chinese cities are massive superstructures of modernity making Sydney and Melbourne looking like small villages. In Guangzhou for example,  there would be thirty times more skyscrapers, cross-over highways and so on than in Sydney.

Extinction Rebellion says stop all economic activity powered by fossil fuels with net-zero emissions by 202025. People in China are not going to stop trying to make money or trying to make better lives for themselves.

Neither are the growing economies of Indonesia and Pakistan, both showing high rates of economic growth. In Pakistan, a joint Chinese Pakistani project has built the enormous supersport in Gwadar costing around $US25 billion. To the Extinction Rebellion-how dare they!

The Extinction Rebellion protesters super glue themselves onto our roads or bridge railings. Superglue is a product of chemical industries they hate so much. Their cotton shirts are made of cotton where thousands of acres of scrubland are cleared. Their shoes are made of nylon, a product of the petroleum industry. Hypocrisy is their middle name.

To cut down to very minimal emissions by 2030 would require new nuclear power plants to be built every few days and over 1000 wind turbines every day and not ending until 2050. The elite aristocrats of the Paris Climate Agreement live a life of pure luxury jet setting to climate summits whilst demanding carbon austerity for the masses.

The common theme of Extinction Rebellion is hatred of the West, hatred of free markets and hatred of western people. Many of their members are known members of Marxist groups using the climate change issue to advance their communist agenda.

No one knows how much money is spent on climate research each year. Troughing lavish government grants, racking up air miles on conferences, many freebies, cooking the books and manipulating the data is standard practice. The reality is all the huge amount of money we have spent on the global warming industry and research worldwide is not going to make the slightest difference.

The climate change frenzy is designed to separate you from your freedom and your property in the name of somehow changing the weather. It is about expanding the power of the elites using coercive instruments of government to control the lives of people everywhere. Spain was praised for creating 50,000 new green jobs but no one mentioned that there is a subsidy of $756,000 per job or jobs lost in the traditional economy.

Every single weather event is blamed on climate change. Floods? Climate change. Hurricanes? Climate change. Too much snow? Climate change. Lack of rainfall? Climate change. Lack of hurricanes? Climate change. Constantly revised and updated apocalyptic predictions are forecasted. 

Many islands throughout the world were all meant to be underwater by 2008 but now have huge Airbus and Boeing aircraft landing on them and more resorts being built. Some Extinction Rebellion activists now say we have 18 months to save the planet!

Carbon emissions reductions or not, the world is not going to collapse into ecological catastrophe. It does not matter what the child soldiers of the Extinction Rebellion Movement say. After decades of research, they have come up with a solution to throw billions into poverty. So-called climate solutions are simply bureaucratic power grabs and corporate welfare schemes with no detectable climate-related benefits.

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