SJW’s Always Lie

SJW’s are what happens when you don’t teach your children discipline. You get a generation of spoiled brats who don’t know how to engage in discourse.


You only have to look at social media to see that the social justice warriors (SJW) are participating in orchestrated planned witch-hunts on those who disagree with them. They think threats and violence are very justified for having an opinion that does not fall into line. This is cultivating a generation of fascists.

Despite its name, Antifa is the biggest modern fascist organisation. Academics’ rhetoric about Antifa being about self-defense is pathetic.  Antifa proclaims itself as being anti-fascist but uses every fascist tactic ever devised.  And these were devised by the left. Doxxing people of thought crimes is a regular occurrence and they actively encourage it. Sending death and rape threats are all too common.

SJW’s live in safe spaces and talk of how they support them, and yet, the moment someone disagrees with them, it is a relentless lynching. Because the agenda of diversity,  inclusiveness,  equality, and tolerance flies in the wall of both science and reality, SJWs militantly try to prevent people from speaking or thinking in a manner that violates their ever-growing narrative. They police the arts, history, and philosophy to maintain the illusion that their agenda is inevitable.

Take political correctness.  Political correctness is about hurt feelings, not objective harm. It is about forbidding subjective harm. If someone criticizes someone for being gay and they get upset, your action caused subjective harm, meaning they upset themselves. Political correctness treats your view or behavior as though it were a criminal offense. Objective harm is threats to kill or physical harm, not hurt feelings.

The school system now is not about empowerment but about escaping or protection from life’s difficulties. It is about political activism, fighting for ordinances or new laws advancing the rights of victim groups. Rather than helping individuals to understand and solve problems, we are now supposed to fight for victims against bullies and it has bred emotional fragility. 

There are no limits to the utterances that can hurt the SJW’s feelings and no limit to the number of victim groups. There are over 160 different human rights covering every conceivable thing and each claiming to be the “supreme” right.

Instead of being assessed by potential, achievement, and merit, people are now assessed based on census categories to which they are assigned and the statistical representation of category members. University students often say they feel unsafe if ideas which they do not agree are expressed.

The buzzwords of the SJW’s are daily used. When someone does not think like them they are then expected to hate with a fiery passion or maybe like Benjamin Law said, “sometimes I wish to hate f*** the homophobia out of them.” This is not an unusual reaction from the SJW’s-just tell them you disagree and see their reaction. Go on social media and see their responses. If you do not prescribe to their ideology you must be erased or at the minimum, re-educated.

The labels they use have become totally irrelevant. Labels like bigot, Nazi, racist, homophobic and so on are meaningless. They have wasted their lives taking offense, rewarding victimhood, nursing resentments, plotting revenge and bullying anyone who does not agree. Then we get labels used against anyone-anyone who disagrees or uses words they dislike.

The SJW’s are busy deconstructing literature,  history, and relationships. That is so the identified oppressed can then demand that power be taken away from oppressors and given to the oppressed. The politically correct are speech monitors. Certain words must be banned that hurt the feelings of the oppressed. The SJW’s paint themselves as persecuted and oppressed crusaders for peace and equality. 

They think a married woman who does not think she is a victim of the patriarchy needs SJW’s to speak on her behalf. An Aboriginal like Jacinta Price or black American like Candice Owens who does not toe the line of the SJW’s exactly, they are labeled coconuts and Uncle Tom’s.

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