Actor Robert De Niro had already made it clear he despised Donald Trump before he becomes President. A day after the infamous Access Hollywood tape was released De Niro appeared in a video on behalf of VoteYourFuture where he put on his best movie tough guy persona and called Trump a “punk” “dog” “pig” and a “bullshit artist” amongst other insults. He finished by stating “Donald Trump wants to punch people in the face! Well, I’d like to punch him in the face!”

But De Niro along with the majority of his Hollywood colleagues failed to influence the American people who elected Donald Trump, partly to stick it up the cultural elites such as those in Hollywood who for years had been talking down and insulting them.

Since then Hollywood has been exposed as being a cesspool of sexual misconduct and abuse with Harvey Weinstein’s crimes being exposed along with the fact they were covered up for many years. Despite its creditability being trashed Hollywood has still had the nerve to continue with its virtue signalling on social justice issues, including its rage against Trump’s Presidency.

Enter Robert De Niro’s latest contribution. He was introducing Bruce Springsteen the 72nd Tony Award and started off by saying “I’m gonna say one thing. Fuck Trump. It’s no longer “down with Trump”. It’s “fuck Trump” to which he received a standing ovation from his colleagues.

Many comment pieces correctly pointed out that it’s continued statements from Hollywood elites such as De Niro that will ensure Trump will be elected for a second term. This is because he can again campaign on being an anti-establishment outsider. In the same week TV Host, Bill Maher said he was  “hoping” for another recession because a crashing economy will hurt Trump in 2020. Full Frontal host Samantha Bee when mocking Trump’s daughter Ivanka called her a c**t.

The fact that De Niro’s spray against Trump actually plays into Trump’s hands was even picked up by Australia’s most prominent regressive leftist Project Host Waleed Aly. Last night during a monologue he slammed Hollywood elites “Celebrities saying stuff like that about Trump is exactly what Trump talks about to his base and they go, ‘yeah, I’m sick of these Hollywood elites being like that’ — do they not put that together?”

The ironic thing about De Niro’s latest display of Trump Derangement Syndrome is that he once portrayed a Trump-style politician in the 2010 Robert Rodriguez film Machete. De Niro plays the villainous Texas Senator Jack MacLaughlin who refers to illegal immigrants as parasites and wants to build an electrified border fence.

Maybe De Niro feels that his performance in the movie partly inspired Trump’s policy platform and is trying to make amends.

Trump even though he has been busy with his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un couldn’t resist hitting back at De Niro on Twitter calling him “a very Low IQ individual” beliving he may be “punch-drunk”. Then followed with a tweet restating his achievements as President.

Many of Trump’s supporters have laid into De Niro on social media claiming he hasn’t been in a good film for the past 15 years.

De Niro, Maher and Bee are not going to bring the Trump’s Presidency down, in fact, they made it possible. If they really waned Trump not to get re-elected their best strategy would be to remain silent. Once again Trump’s punch back against an erratic critic has seen him come up trumps.

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