President Trump and Kim Jong-Un Meet in Historic Summit in Singapore


Donald Trump has become the first U.S president to meet a North Korean leader when he met Kim Jong-Un in person in Singapore yesterday. Just hours ago, the two men shook hands in front of the mainstream media before moving to a private room with their interpreters to begin a discussion.

The world has long awaited this meeting which has been discussed as far back as May of 2016. However there have been many delays as Trump and Kim have been locked in a war of words including threats to utterly destroy one another. During this time North Korea’s nuclear power has increased.

However, this fiery rhetoric died down earlier this year when North Korea accepted the South’s offer for talks after the two nations marched together in  the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea. Trump then expressed openness to talks with the North.

In recent months Kim Jong-Un has met with the President Xi of China and President Moon Jae-In of South Korea as the public has looked on in amazement. It seems that the North Korean leader is turning around.

This is rumoured to be due to his plans to open up the economy and work towards providing a better standard of living for his people.

After many setbacks and cancellations, the two leaders finally organised to meet in Singapore today at the Capella Hotel on the island of Sentosa.

At 9am Singapore time they met and shook hands for the first time with the world’s media looking on. A truly historical event. They then went into a private meeting room for their much anticipated one on one discussion

The pair then moved to another meeting, this time involving top diplomats from both countries.

When the summit finally concluded after nearly five hours of negotiations, Trump emerged with nothing but good news, describing it as top of the line and stated that it went better than expected.

The two leaders proceeded to sign a document committing to the denuclearisation of the North. Trump has also announced that he will be ending military exercises with South Korea, as this has been a waste of resources for a very long time. There are 32,000 American troops currently stationed in the South.

Trump spoke of Kim having great love for his people and both leaders are looking forward to a better future. It is a stark contrast to the rhetoric being exchanged last year and Trump’s taunts of rocket man.

Many believe we would not have got to this historic summit without Trump’s world-famous negotiating skills and this is the start of a deal to bring peace and de-nuclearization to the Korean Peninsula which has alluded all previous US Presidents. There are still calls to give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize but that will depend on if North Korea follows through with its promised de-nuclearization.

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