The Yes campaign in the same sex marriage plebiscite did not have a good week last week. A worker was fired for voting no, there AFL decided it would tell its fans how to vote and an anarchist DJ Astro Labe wearing a yes sticker headbutted Tony Abbott.

If their antics during the week weren’t bad enough the weekend got worse. The yes campaign decided that voters being told to vote yes through the mass media wasn’t enough, so they decided to invade people’s phones, homes and private events.

The Equality Campaign conducted what they called the ‘nation’s largest doorknock’ at homes right around the country. The potential for voter intimidation and targeting if the homeowner stated they were voted no was highlighted by Mark Latham who urged Australians not to answer the door if volunteers showed up.

Then there was the YesEquality mass spam text messages which almost the whole nation received. Many were outraged at how the Yes campaign managed to get their numbers and the invasion of privacy. There was no option to opt out or reply to these texts. Many have questioned the legality of such an action and asked who helped facilitate this mass spam campaign? Complaints have been made to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Throughout the plebiscite the Equality Campaign has been running ‘calling for equality’ events asking for volunteers to directly phone voters and ask them to vote yes. They boast they have rung over 500,000 people with their target 750,000.

Then there was the vile disruption of the Coalition for Marriage launch in Melbourne when a banner was unveiled on stage which said ‘burn churches, not queers’ with the anarchist logo on it. Then two women also invaded the stage and engaged in a prolonged kiss in an attempt to trigger the crowd.

Many political observers are watching bewildered at how the yes campaign is appearing to do everything it can to lose this plebiscite by alienating a large proportion of voters who would have voted yes. Some who have voted no have stated they did so out of spite or they were sick of the leftist bullying.

This is not anecdotal evidence, the two most recent national polls show a collapsing of the yes vote. The Essential poll released last week shows support for same sex marriage at 55% down 4 points, while the Newspoll released today shows the yes vote at 57% down 6 points. However Yes is still ahead in both polls by more than 20 points and if they are replicated in the outcome of the plebscite Yes would still easily win.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the yes campaign has squandered significant goodwill towards their cause by their aggressive and as we have seen violent behaviour. They are lucky at present there is a still a majority of Australians who will put their appalling behaviour to one side and still vote for same sex marriage based on principle.

There are of course some in the yes campaign who are horrified by the behaviour of some. They are also in astonishment at how any rational person can think that harassment, threats and abuse can possibly encourage people to vote yes. But it is always the case with social justice warriors and the regressive left that they view their opponents as evil, not worthy of respect so any abusive action against them is justified and to be applauded.

But the postal forms are not due back for over a month, considering that the yes campaign’s conduct has sunk even further of the course of past week one wonders how much lower they will go? Rational people on the yes side should hope that most Australians have already returned their forms and don’t have the opportunity to change their mind. If yes still wins it will be despite the yes campaign, the manner in which they have conducted themselves they certainly don’t deserve to win.

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