Peter Dutton: Securing Our Borders Is Not Just About Stopping Boats

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton today denounced open borders, asserting that protecting the nation from terrorism required strong borders.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton today denounced open borders, asserting that protecting the nation from terrorism required strong borders.

Australia is dealing with the aftermath of a foiled Islamic terror plot which is believed to have involved the smuggling of an explosive device onto a commercial airline flight, which has been reported would be capable of gassing passengers.

Thankfully authorities acted before the plot could advance to a much more deadly phase, but the consequences have been massive inconveniences to Australians traveling by air with extra security being deployed. Travelers are told to arrive at the airport three hours prior to international flights and two hours before domestic flights, just think of the lost productivity that is being lost by this delay.

The four suspects have not been charged, instead authorities are using anti-terror powers to detain them while the five premises that were raided are being searched and evidence is gathered. The four suspects are two fathers and and sons of Lebanese background. It is again raised questions about our current immigration policy that has allowed people into the nation who have put our safety at risk, and given the state of our airports at the moment have taken away our freedoms.

It is likely for this reason that Immigration and soon to be Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton at a press conference this morning stated that protecting the nation from terror included securing our borders. He also emphasized that securing our borders wasn’t just about stopping the boats. This is a refreshing statement as although it is pleasing that the Coalition has stopped the boats many Australians are concerned about the many immigrants who are coming by air and are currently waved in by our government.

Peter Dutton it should be noted has already been critical of Lebanese immigration following that nation’s civil war when he said that Malcolm Fraser made mistakes in immigration. Dutton has also previously defended Trump’s policy of a Muslim travel ban.

Although a radical change in immigration policy is unlikely under Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership, Peter Dutton is seen as future Liberal Prime Minister. One hopes by this statement today that he could be in the person in the near future who truly secures our borders and makes sure we don’t continue allow in people who want to harm our nation.

Australians have seen their freedoms constantly eroded and their safety jearpodised thanks to the increase terror threat brought about by our governments’ open immigration policy. At least now there is a senior member of the government (there are a few decent backbenchers) who has given an indication they want to do something about it.

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