Despite the transgender ban, Trump is more pro-LGBT than you think (and that’s concerning)


Trump’s controversial proposal for a transgender ban on the military has resulted in various LGBT groups and individuals jumping to the conclusion that it turns out he is the anti-LGBT “literally Hitler” they were all afraid of. The true extent of their triggering is evident in how they’ve gone as far as accusing him of breaking his promise to “protect our LGBTQ citizens”. But Trump is far from homophobic or anti-LGBT. Maybe if the left had its priorities straight (pardon the pun), they wouldn’t be thinking otherwise.

The promise they’ve been using to benchmark against Trump’s transgender ban has been taken grossly out of context. He clearly states he will protect LGBT people from the violent and oppressive religion of Islam which promotes killing people simply for being gay. Despite this, most gays blindly supporting a candidate who wanted to continue bringing in such people into the United States, simply because their selfishness trumped their logic. Trump was hands down more pro-LGBT than his opponent, who not only wanted to bring in the real enemies of gays, but was funded by countries that committed gross human rights violations against them.

Islamic refugees and migrants pose the biggest danger to gays and sexual minorities. As always, Europe serves as the best example of this. Specific cases include two Muslim migrants who slaughtered a gay man because of his sexual orientation even though the latter was handing out food and clothing only minutes before. And please don’t forget the UK survey last year that said half of “British Muslims” wanted to see homosexuality criminalised. Mistreating and murdering gays does not define Islamic terrorists, it defines Islam as a whole.

Unfortunately, those who do point out the incompatibility between Islam and the homosexual lifestyle are shut down as Islamophobic, and told Christians are apparently just as oppressive. Most Christians do not want to throw gays off buildings or torture them before putting them to death, as Islamic countries do, but that’s none of my business. Most LGBT people would rather focus on superficial things like gay marriage, safe schools and 76 genders instead of more importing things, like their safety.

But there’s more to Trump’s stance on LGBT issues than what appears on the surface. Sure, his perception of gay rights mainly involves important things like their rights to freedom and safety over superficial things like gay marriage or equality (which gays should not be fighting for). But that’s where it ends right? Wrong. If you look through the mainstream media narrative where CNN selectively shows you what it wants you to see, Trump appears to be so pro-LGBT that it becomes concerning.

It was last month that the Trump administration issued a letter forcing all teachers to use students’ preferred pronouns no matter what they may be. But it doesn’t end there. If teachers didn’t comply, they risked having themselves investigated for civil rights violations. Funny how the homophobic literally Hitler actually gave the LGBTs what they always wanted. Isn’t this what the LGBT agenda is ultimately about? Securing rights and privileges that would be protected under special laws?

Gays or progressives are not the ones who should be scared about Trump’s stance on LGBT issues. It’s actually us, the right, that should really be on the lookout. His transgender ban is nothing. All he did was ban a particular group that is inherently mentally unstable from the military, not because he hates them. There are also claims that he did this as a last resort in order to get support from House Republicans for legislation regarding The Wall. Banning transgender people from the military is not transphobia, it’s common sense. It’s for their own good, and it’s for the military’s own good.

Please also remember his willingness to keep same sex marriage the way it is. When asked about the issue, he said: “”It’s done. It– you have– these cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They’ve been settled. And- I’m– I’m fine with that.” And don’t forget how he held an LGBT flag during one of his rallies (but that was still homophobic for the left as the flag was apparently held upside down).

Dear LGBTs, here you have a President who wants to protect you from the real oppressor, wants to see gender non-conforming students be called their preferred pronouns, and has nothing wrong with same sex marriage. How is Trump homophobic again? Simple because he wants to acknowledge the fact that there are only two genders and that the military should be free of disruptions?

Trump wants to give LGBTs more than what they deserve. Apart from wanting to protect their freedoms from foreign religions (which is what the gay rights movement should be about, if there was to be one), he has made it illegal to call non-binary students anything they don’t want to be called, and has nothing wrong with gays in the military. If you think Sharia Law is less important than bathroom laws or the right to have an institution not meant for you, you’re not only failing so-called LGBT people but you’re also failing your country.

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