The Unshackled Waves Ep. 169 Energy, Immigration and Super Saturday


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On this week’s show, we unveil the Unshackled’s new colour scheme of black, white and blue saying goodbye to our famous yellow. As such Waves has a new logo and a modified set. After last week’s entertaining political sideshow of David Leyonhjelm vs Sarah Hanson-Young, it was back to discussing hard policy this week of energy, population and the Super Saturday by-elections with the Unshackled’s Political Editor Michael Smyth.

The ACCC released its report into Australia’s energy market which recommended the government underwrite new baseload power generators and assist new entrants into the market. As it is an independent report it is harder for Labor to criticise. The recommendations had the effect of satisfying Nationals and conservative Liberals who had been questioning the merit of the Turnbull Government’s National Energy Guarentee. Other changes to the energy market the report recommended was a separation between wholesale and retail electricity and methods to stop so-called gold plating.

It was revealed last week Home Affairs Peter Dutton had managed to cut Australia’s annual migration intake from a high of 190,000 to 163,000 in 2017-18, a 10 year low. Earlier in the year Tony Abbott’s proposal to reduce it to 110,000 was rejected and ridiculed by Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull. Migration helps federal budget but puts pressure on states’ infrastructure unable to keep up, crime rates and other integration issues. Liberal Senator Dean Smith called for a parliamentary inquiry into population levels as our population will soon reach 25 million.

In the lead up to the 5 Super Saturday by-elections, Bill Shorten challenged Malcolm Turnbull to a leaders’ debate as they campaign around the country. Longman LNP candidate Trevor Ruthenberg claimed he’d received Australian Service Medal but he only had an Australian Defence Medal. It was likely a mistake rather than a fraud like in the case of WA Labor MP Barry Urban. Susan Lamb herself did lie about being abandoned by her mother as a child. One Nation candidate Matthew Stephen allegedly owes money to associates. There has also been a lot of triggering over where parties place Australia First Party candidate Jim Saleam given his neo-Nazi past.

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