List of African Youth Crime at St Kilda Beach This Past Month


Last summer Melbourne found itself in the midst of an African Youth Gang Crime Wave with violent brawls, car jackings and home invasions occurring in hotspots throughout the city.

The local leftist media and activists denied this was occurring and accused those expressing concern or journalists accurately reporting the facts of racism, even though crime statistics showed Sudanese born Australians were significant over-represented in the state’s crime rate.

Now with another Melbourne summer upon us it looks like the African Youth Gang Crime Wave is back, with the main hotspot St Kilda Beach. It has seen several brawls, riots and bashings this past month. These are the incidents which have occurred so far:

Monday 19th November 2018

150 youths described of being African in appearance gathered at St Kilda Beach at around 10.20pm engaging in brawling, abusive language or open-drinking, or as Police Superintendent Phillip Green called it “an escalation of unwanted and unwelcome behaviour”.

Riot police had to be called to break up the group of youths where a rock was thrown at an officer and two arrests were made. However no formal complaints of fighting or assault were made to police and no further arrests occurred.

Saturday 1st December 2018

A violent brawl broke out involving over 100 African youths at around 10.30pm. One man was attacked by 20 people while unconscious on the ground and had his phone and wallet stolen. His friend who tried to rescue him, was also injured.

Police made ten arrests with three injured and two being taken to hospital. Police later released CCTV of the vicious assault on the unconscious man and the 20 African youths responsible are still wanted by police.

Wednesday 5th December

Port Phillip Council decide to ban the consumption of alcohol on the St Kilda foreshore in response to the previous violent incidents. The ban will be in place each year from November 1 and finish on March 31. It extended the previous drinking restrictions which were in place from 8pm in the evening until noon the next day.

Thursday 6th December

On the first night of the alcohol ban police patrolled St Kilda Beach as part of Operation Sandsafe. They searched 123 people and seized a knife and drugs. Police made 16 arrests for offences including assaulting police, criminal damage, public drunkenness and attempted robbery.

3AW Producer Michael Hilder witnessed the patrol and called the scenes at St Kilda Beach “barely contained chaos” and noted that “Of the 16 arrests, I did witness two, both of which were African-Australian youth”.

These violent incidents while Victoria Police now have a dedicated police operation in the area, these repeat outbreaks of violence has still angered many people. Despite all the examples of African youth crime over the past year and promises from politicians to do something about it the exact same thing is happening this summer in Melbourne.

There has even been some talk amongst patriot and nationalist groups that community patrols should take place on St Kilda Beach. Though given that the last major incident occurred two weeks ago one hopes this means that police are finally somewhat restoring order to this trouble hotspot.

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