LGBT rights movement for many years has had the appearance of being non-partisan. But over the past few years and especially in 2016 the movement has proven itself to be part of the far left of politics, almost campaigning for revolutionary change in society. There is no room for conservatives or libertarians anymore in their movement, society must be remade in a radical leftist vision and any deviation from that is part of perpetuating a heteronormative society.

Back when the campaign for LGBT rights was reasonable and based on fairness arguments it was not considered a left-right issue. The decriminalisation of homosexuality in various Australian states and overseas jurisdictions was introduced by governments from both sides of politics. In the Australian Parliament in 2009 85 pieces of Commonwealth legislation were amended which eliminated discrimination for same-sex couples which passed with bi-partisan support and was supported even by the Australian Christian Lobby.

The question of whether it was appropriate to change the definition of marriage to allow for same sex couples to marry was considered by many a bridge too far. However in the early days of debate on the issue it was at least civil, with people with different points of view being able to engage in polite discussion and in good faith. Supporters of same sex marriage from all sides of politics were welcomed into the movement.

That has changed recently, with proponents of same sex marriage declaring anyone who is not in favour of same sex marriage as homophobic, encouraging violence against LGBT people and causing youth to commit suicide. Those in favour in same sex marriage who didn’t support the left wing method of achieving same sex marriage were exiled from the movement.

The actions in 2016 of the LGBT rights lobby have proven beyond a doubt they are now part of the radical left. The first piece of evidence has been the reaction to the proposed method of resolving the same sex marriage issue by Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: to hold a plebiscite on the issue with Parliament legislating the outcome. For years the argument from the activists was that public opinion was on their side, because they wouldn’t take no for an answer from the politicians, they said okay we’ll ask the public. Then all of a sudden they said who cares what the public thinks, marriage is a right and we shouldn’t have votes on them.

The LGBT lobby did everything they could to prevent a plebiscite from being legislated, their argument was that debate would be too triggering and that their preference was actually to wait for an x number of years until they can have their preferred method of a vote of politicians. So they are actually happy with same sex marriage not being legal because they didn’t like the preferred method of getting there. If they were so concerned about the mental health of LGBT youth why then are they happy for them to remain supposed second class citizens for the near future?

Despite the fact that Malcolm Turnbull is a supporter of same sex marriage and made the terms of the plebiscite as fair as possible the LGBT lobby were offended by it at every turn and were paranoid that it would somehow be rigged. A lot of this hysteria is due to the fact they are scared they would lose and still view ordinary Australians as homophobic conservatives. In the aftermath of the plebiscite’s defeat (which the activists celebrated) there was a motion passed to disinvite Malcolm Turnbull from next year’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras at their annual general meeting because he “denied equality”. It should be pointed out that the Liberal Party now has four LGBT members in the parliament who are somehow viewed as traitors to the cause because there are conservative voices in the party as well.

The LGBT rights lobby will also not accept any protections of conscience objectors in same sex marriage legislation saying that would be an even worse outcome than what we have currently. This position shows they will not support any legislative efforts from conservative or libertarian MPs and unless those bakers, florists or photographers are forced to provide services under the threat of being sued they want nothing. This is not to mention their support of hate speech laws that exist in various Australian states where people can be punished if they say something an LGBT person disagrees with or is offended by.

Another area where the LGBT lobby has pushed a far left agenda is through the implementation of the Safe Schools program, a so called anti-bullying program. It was designed by self-described Marxist academic Roz Ward who openly stated that the program is about indoctrinating children into celebrating gender and sexual diversity. Nobody is in favour of bullying, period, but does that position justify a program which teaches children to sexually experiment and that gender is fluid? It would be inconceivable to the activists that one could be against this program yet not be bothered if people were LGBT. Their line of attack was something akin to “if you oppose this program you support LGBT youth being punched in the face”.

The LGBT lobby have also embraced the current transgender madness. There are no longer two genders there are now hundreds perhaps thousands of genders and you can identify with whatever you want. The implications of this position is that anybody of any gender can use any bathroom they like and too bad if others feel uncomfortable, it also means you must refer to people by their preferred made up pronoun. This is not just a trend consigned to people on Tumblr, it is now making its way into our law. In Victoria and South Australia laws have been proposed allowing anybody to change their gender on their birth certificate to any made up gender they please without needing any reason. A similar law has already been passed in Canada where it is now illegal not to use someone’s preferred pronoun. Actual transgender people realise the effect the madness of this push is having on public opinion and seeing it have the opposite effect than what was intended.

Along with the theme of no longer tolerating opposing viewpoints and engaging in debate the LGBT lobby has attacked any media organisation that does not 100% agree with their beliefs. Therefore News Corp, because a number of its papers publish stories which don’t flatter the LGBT lobby and have a number of columnists who oppose their agenda, they seek to viciously attack and decry the influence of the organisation. Never mind that News Corp has a number of commentators who support the LGBT lobby because nothing less than 100% support is tolerated.

The latest example of this is the push for Melbourne’s LGBT Midsumma Festival to end a sponsorship deal it has with News Corp as they believe it has fuelled a rise in homophobia across Australia. They even blame News Corp coverage for the recent tragic suicide of a gay youth because of its coverage of Safe Schools. This is despite the fact that it was a News Corp paper that reported on this death and brought the issue to the attention of the wider public. The argument from the LGBT lobby is that News Corp’s sponsorship is dirty money. But isn’t News Corp wanting to be involved in an LGBT cultural event a good thing, demonstrating their intent to publish positive stories about LGBT people? Also wouldn’t accepting this money mean that they have less money to publish stories which are critical of the LGBT lobby? One wonders why News Corp would bother giving this olive branch to the LGBT lobby given the way they are hysterically carrying on (or maybe that is secretly want they intended).

Unless you are a leftist, who wants everybody to accept same sex marriage, radical indoctrination in schools, hate speech and anti-discrimination laws and do not tolerate any dissenting opinions, there is no room for you in the LGBT movement. They have either adopted a completely leftist viewpoint by themselves or been captured by the left as movements such as this often are. Given that Australia is probably one of the best countries in the world to live if you are LGBT person the way the lobby now carries on you would think we are living in a Middle Eastern Islamic theocracy. It’s sadly become time to ignore these activists and deal with LGBT issues the proper way, using a common sense and fairness approach like we used to do.

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, he is the Host of the WilmsFront live show, and co-host of The Brawler and the Brain and Trad Tasman Talk shows. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, he is the Host of the WilmsFront live show, and co-host of The Brawler and the Brain and Trad Tasman Talk shows. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.