Hippy Protesters Shut Down Parliament


Question time has been interrupted today when a group of protestors decided to stand up in the gallery and start chanting about the refugees.

Queensland MP George Christensen has taken to Facebook to criticise the group, calling them “hippies” and “morons” (Image Below)


The protesters were from the Whistleblower Activist and Citizens Alliance.

One of the group of approximately 30 protesters explained why they are here “We are here today because your policies are breaking our hearts, because every day on Manus and Christmas Island is another day in hell,”

The group took to Twitter to express their excitement at interrupting proceedings (Tweet Below)


Security has now dealt with the protesters and removed them, but the task was made difficult as many of the protesters glued their hands to the rail of the gallery.  Security had to use hand sanitiser to break up the glue.

Most of the MP’s left the gallery during the ruckus but Greens MP Adam Bandt stayed on excited by the prospect of watching the regressive Left do what they do best. Tweeting that they were “Brave, Powerful, Proud”


It is quite concerning that a current elected government MP would support a protest that directly impacts on the democratic workings of the country.  You have to ask what other means would he support by protestors in the future.

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