Corporations Continue LGBT Virtue Signalling in Mardi Gras Lead Up


You would think after the Marriage Law Postal Survey last year and the passing of same sex marriage into law Corporate Australia might end their virtue signalling on LGBT issue. But in the lead up to the 2018 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras major corporations are promoting through their social media channels their support for the event and their solidarity with the LGBT community.

ANZ Bank is the festival’s major sponsor and they are not only continuing their trend of turning ATM’s in inner Sydney into rainbow coloured GAYTM’s but have decided to put one all the way down in Melbourne. The even promoted the Sydney event outside the State Library of Victoria.

Medibank Private has also been heavily promoting their sponsorship. They have launched a #BetterwithaKiss campaign with a promotional video which shows heterosexual and homosexual couples kissing, some in the company of children with the slogan “Every kiss is equal, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. Every kind of love can be expressed through on single kiss.’

They released a follow up promotional video featuring transgender comedian Jordan Raskopoulos who is their Transgender Ambassador telling her gender transition story.

Many are wondering why a health insurance company would be wanting to promote itself to LGBT consumers given that they would likely burden the company with great health claims throughout their lives?

Other corporate sponsors include Qantas, Holden, Vodafone, Netflix, Myer and Google. The festival is also sponsored by both the New South Wales Government and City of Sydney which means that taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ funds have gone to a festival many Australians would find distasteful.

The organizers of the festival assisted by their sponsors are trying to make this year’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras the biggest ever because it is its 40 year anniversary. On Sunday night the ABC broadcast ‘Riot’ a docudrama focusing on the 1970s Gay & Lesbian Rights Movement which culminates in the first ever Mardi Gras demonstration (funded by taxpayers of as well).

The NSW Police also flew the rainbow flag outside Sydney Police Centre with Assistant Commissioner Tony Crandell stating the NSW Police “got it wrong in the way they caused pain and harm to people who were standing up for their rights”. This follows on from their formal apology they gave to the LGBT community in 2016.

Mardi Gras Parade is scheduled to take place on the evening of Saturday 4th of March and it is fair to assume the type of virtue signalling we have seen so far from its supporters will only get worse. It would appear that the legalisation of same sex marriage has not ended the LGBT propoganda corporations have come to subject its consumers with.

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