71% Of Aussies Support Australia Day.

71% Of Australians support Australia Day. Only 11% want to change the date. Why are we still listening to this tiny band of Australia-hating scumbags?

71% of Australians support Australia Day being held on January 26th according to a new poll which again emphasises the marginal status of the Australia hating left.

According to the poll of over 1000 Australians only 11% think the date of Australia Day should be changed away from the date that has been celebrated in all states since 1935. January 26th marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson and the raising of the flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip. In a very real sense the date marks the point that Australia as a country began. That was the point that the settlement which would grow into a first world country in a little over a century was born.

So unsurprisingly most Australians continue to support Australia Day despite the media, academia and the sneering self-righteous chattering classes preparing yet another “invasion day” march against it. The Left who declare themselves ashamed to be Aussie truly are a tiny embittered minority, the same survey showed 85% of people were “proud to be an Australian” with only 5% disagreeing.

support Australia day
Support Australia Day. The birthday of our nation.

Sadly as we have seen that while this group is a tiny minority they are a powerful, motivated and organised one. The pathetic and disgusting “invasion day” marches that have become the yearly demonstration of morally superior treason by the self-righteous sneering scumbags of our upper middle classes continue to grow. Many of this class of traitors believe (as Waleed Aly has expressed) that all they have to do is keep marching for long enough and indoctrinating children for long enough and they will “inevitably” win.

And while loyal and patriotic Australians currently have the vast majority on our side that is no reason for complacency. Unless we fight back against the people who gleefully burn our flag and spit on our history and heritage we will lose Australia Day. And after that Anzac day will be next, after all the same people who hate Australia Day openly declare their distaste for our yearly commemoration of fallen “dead white males” as well.

The time to push back is now. Not later. Support Australia Day this year. And remember the whiners may be noisy, but there’s many more of us than them.

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