Albo Is Backing Jan 26th For Australia Day: Why?


Labor Leader Anthony “Albo” Albanese has called for an end to the “counterproductive” culture war attacking Australia Day. Why would a lifelong Australia hating leftist like Albo do this?

Albo has Backed Jan 26th for Australia Day. Why?

Labor leader Anthony “Albo” Albanese has called for his fellow leftists to cease the “counterproductive” culture war attacking Australia Day and has backed keeping the traditional January 26th date. This is despite Albo’s left wing local council (Sydney’s Inner West) voting in November to abolish its Australia Day celebrations date with Labor Mayor Darcy Byrne callously stating that “nothing” had been lost by the decision.

Considering that he comes from the socialist left faction of
the Labor Party and that his trendy left wing electorate is one of the places
in Sydney where hostility to Australia Day is at its strongest one might ask
why Albo would seek to support the traditional day celebrating the birth of
Australia that so many of those who share his politics so clearly loathe.

It has certainly puzzled many of his more Australia hating
supporters. Why would Albo, a man who clearly hates
the heritage of Australia as much as they do seek to preserve a celebration of

The answer is simple. Albo for all his disgusting views, vile ideology and hatred of all that is good and holy would quite like to win an election at some point. And only 11% of Australians when polled actually want to change the date of our national celebration. Bill Shorten supported Australia Day for much the same reason.

Not one of the polls that have come out in the lead up to
Australia day this year or last year show any real shift in public opinion, and
that opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of maintaining the current,
highly appropriate date. Real Australians (as opposed to Australia-loathing
Greens voters) quite like Australia (and by extension Australia day).

As reported in The Unshackled a poll released this week had support for the current date at 71%. The idea that there is any groundswell of support because the same inner city wankers who marched for “Climate Justice” last week (holding signs calling for the Prime Minister’s house to be burned down) walk outside their terrace houses this week and march down the same street screaming about how the land they live on was stolen by their ancestors is absurd.

The percentage of the population who voice a desire to
change the date is roughly the same as the percentage that already vote for the
Greens. There isn’t a lot of electoral benefit for Albo in pandering to them.
And he knows it.

The Australia haters will march tomorrow screaming their vile hatred with the snobbish self righteous grins of only possessed by those who have a sublime conviction that they are morally superior to their neighbour.

And it won’t matter. The people have spoken and they will continue to speak. As last May’s election showed the left has stewed for so long in their own self-hating bile that they can no longer connect with the people outside their bubble.

When even a man like Albo from the far left of the Labor Party can see that there simply isn’t much point in the left in continuing this battle you would think that the rest of the herd might catch the hint. But that’s not how the left works; they are a swarm of mindless drones with only one gear, a broken steering wheel and no reverse. They will need to be fought now, fought again and fought forever regardless of how hopeless their case might be. The Australia haters will never cease slamming their heads into the brick wall of reality out of a fanatical belief that it will inevitably one day crack. It’s up to the rest of us who love our country, our heritage and our history to keep fighting to make sure it never does.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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