2016 was easily the most important year of the 21st century so far. This was because we reached a tipping point in the battle for western civilisation. Would the western values of freedom, liberty and democracy be defended and preserved? Or would the march of totalitarianism, progressivism and nihilism proceed almost to the point of no return?

Thankfully the main events of 2016 demonstrated that we defenders of western civilisation, those who believe that our way of life is worth defending, and that our positive vision of humanity prevailed. People around the western world decided after decades of assaults on their nations by the progressive left, that enough was enough, and began to take back and rebuild the glory of their countries.

Sadly for this to happen many tragedies unfolded that finally woke many people up. No more so than the numerous terror attacks that occurred throughout the western world in 2016. All were a combination of previous migration from third world Islamic nations, and the current open borders policies of Europe and the United States.

Several of the major attacks include the Brussels bombings, the Niece truck attack, the Orlando nightclub massacre, and the Berlin market attack just last week. Add to this the other lone wolf attacks that occurred throughout the year, the emergence of Islamic no go zones, and rampant migrant crime that was occurring.  Western nations were beginning to look more like third world war zones.

Free speech, a cherished western value, continued to be under attack thanks to the rise political correctness. Carried out by social justice warriors mainly, but not limited to university campuses, some of their crusades this year included the de-gendering of language. Hijacking the issue of transgenderism, we were not allowed to assume that anyone we met was male or female, and the polite thing to do was ask them what they identified as and what their preferred pronoun was. There were apparently hundreds of different genders and pronouns we all had to become accustomed to.

Even though we were told gender is now a social construct, this didn’t mean that if you were born a male, or even worse a white male, you weren’t considered the source of all of society’s problems. Social justice warriors invented the concepts of institutionalised racism and misogyny, which meant that deep down all white men were horrible and bigoted. False narratives such as a rape culture, a domestic violence epidemic, and a gender wage gap were pushed to create a picture that we lived in a patriarchal society.

The other false narrative was that we were a white supremacist society which inspired the United States domestic terrorist organisation Black Lives Matter. This meant that every time the police had to use deadly force against a black suspect, cities were burnt down and white residents terrorised. In Australia the dysfunction of indigenous communities was blamed on white oppression, even though public policy had committed billions of dollars every year to indigenous welfare.

Coercive state policies were demanded to correct these perceived prejudices such as affirmative action and quotas, as well as government indoctrination programs introduced in Australian schools to mould the views of the next generation of citizens. These included Safe Schools for LGBT issues, Respectful Relationships for feminism, and Building Belonging for racism.

It is a long list of assaults on western culture and tradition just in this year alone. The accumulation of these various re-programming efforts, inspired the beginning of the fightback by ordinary people throughout the western world. They were not going to take this black arm band view of western society, they knew that their people’s had helped make the world great, and were not going to accept this rewriting of their nations’ history.

The beginning of the fightback began in June, when in the United Kingdom a referendum was held on their membership of the globalist super state the European Union (EU). The EU demanded all nations have their borders open to anyone from other European nations, or who were flooding in the current migrant wave. In a result, that shocked the elites, the British people voted to leave 52% to 48% and take back their ability to make their own laws about how their country is run.

In Australia, during the federal election in July, we were denied a fair contest for Prime Minister with two left wing candidates. With a result that could nearly be described as a draw Australians voted in numbers for minor parties. This saw the return of Pauline Hanson to parliament with her One Nation party winning four senate seats. Her party promised to bring the issue of Muslim immigration to the forefront of the national political debate, bringing some scepticism back to the alleged climate change consensus, and restoring pride in our nation and heritage.

Although still a minor party in Australian politics, the return of One Nation even after decades of vilification from the media and the elites, including the false imprisonment of Pauline Hanson, demonstrated that the Australian people were fed up with the political establishment. They saw the decisions made by both major parties were not to the benefit of Australians, and that the politicians showed no signs of listening to them.

Arguably the biggest event in this fightback, one that can be described as a seismic shift in the ability of people to influence political change, was the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. When he first announced his candidacy in June 2015, and announced his immigration policy which included the building of a southern border wall, he was laughed at by all political commentators. When he made politically incorrect statements about people in power, it was predicted that it was the beginning of the end of his campaign.

When the primaries got underway in the beginning of 2016, he defied the political pundits and consultants by winning primary after primary. There was talk of denying him the nomination if he didn’t reach a majority of pledged delegates, and numerous establishment republicans denounced his rise. But he prevailed and knocked 16 other Republican candidates out with his strong stance against unchecked immigration, and his defiance of political correctness resonating with primary voters.

In the general election he was up against the ultimate establishment, politically correct, and victim politics candidate in Hillary Clinton. She told us to vote for her because she would be the first female President, virtue signalled to all the identity groups such as feminists, LGBT activists and racial agitators, and decried Trump’s mean words and speech.

But grandiose statements weren’t going to wash with the American people who had witnessed the decline of their nation in the 21st century, and wanted a President who would shake things up and actually tackle the real issues of concern to them. Despite the entire mainstream media campaigning against him, numerous Republican politicians refusing to endorse him, and a number of unsubstantiated sexual assault allegations made against him, the American people still turned out to elect him as President.

The media, the elites, the left, and globalists could not believe what occurred. It could not be because their policies had failed or their line of argument had not cut through with voters. It must be because mainly white people were bigoted and uneducated, and inspired by so called fake news sites on the internet. They claimed that fascism had made a return and everybody who wasn’t white was going to be rounded up and put into camps. Their irrational rage at seeing their world crumble only confirmed in the minds of the people, that the left’s vision of the world was not one that they wanted to live in.

The year finished off with voters in Italy rejecting a change to their constitution, which was widely seen as a power grab by the elites by reducing the checks and balances of the Italian Parliament. It caused the resignation of their Prime Minister, who if granted this power would defer more of that country’s sovereignty to the EU. The march towards globalism and the disenfranchisement of people in the community that it brings was ground to a halt.

Many of these victories cannot just be put down to people having enough, but also that many people were woken up to what was happening to their nations. This was thanks to the new internet media, which meant communicating what was really happening in the world was now much easier. No longer could the mainstream corporate news media control what information was disclosed. Any concerned citizen now had the ability to broadcast news to the entire world.

While 2016 involved a number of significant victories and began to see the progressive left’s power greatly reduced, we have not seen any implementation of the policies promised at the elections this year. Brexit has still not yet began, Trump is still not President and will have a fight on his hands to get a lot of his agenda through Congress.

2017 should be an ever bigger year, when we finally see the vision of western civilisation and all its freedoms restored in the nations where it once reigned. France, the Netherlands, and Germany all have elections, meaning that more gains can be made at the ballot box as momentum is on our side. We are only just beginning to take back our society and restore the positivity and optimism we once had. 2016 was a turning point, let’s never look back.

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.