Drink Driving, there is never an excuse


It was Christmas Eve and 9-year-old Josiah Sisson was enjoying the Christmas lights on display with his family in the Brisbane suburb of Springwood when Adrian Murray, a 24-year-old alleged drunk driver took a corner too quickly, losing control of his vehicle and striking the little 9-year-old, instantly shattering the family’s Christmas. Instead of enjoying this special time of year the family remained by Josiah’s side in hospital, but sadly the boy passed away a couple of days after Christmas.

Picture: Josiah Sisson, courtesy of ABC News

At this stage he hasn’t been charged with drink driving, but if its found he was drink driving then that selfish, reckless and stupid decision has resulted in the loss of such a young life at the worst possible time of year. There is absolutely no reason to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs, so many campaigns have been launched over the years showing the dangers of driving under the influence. The scientific evidence proves beyond a doubt the effects that alcohol and drugs have on a persons driving ability. Yet time and time again we hear news of the disastrous effects of drink driving, too many lives are shattered by the decision of people who think they are okay to drive.

With all the information out there on drink driving if you choose to still get behind the wheel despite the obvious dangers, it shows intent and intent is very important in criminal cases. It is time our courts start treating injuries and deaths at the hands of drunk drivers as intent to kill or injure, there is simply no other option when people refuse to heed the warnings and kill as a result of their selfish actions.

As usual the left-wing media even tried to paint Adrian Murray as a victim in this incident with Mamamia putting out a story titled “Driver ‘wished he could die’ after ploughing into a 9yo boy looking at Christmas lights.” Whilst there is no doubt that Adrian may feel great remorse and anguish over the incident, if he was under the influence he would have known exactly what he was doing when he made the decision to get behind the wheel.

Picture: Adrian Murray, courtesy of Mamamia

We all make mistakes, but as a society we must expect people to be responsible for their actions and there are some things which are just unacceptable and drink driving is one of those things. A vehicle is such a dangerous piece of machinery and one that any driver must respect the responsibility on their shoulders each and every time they get behind the wheel. To drive under the influence is simply unacceptable and criminal. Under no circumstances should the media or society start painting the driver as a victim.

In another incident yesterday a 36-year-old ACT woman was allegedly caught driving 127km/h in a 90km/h zone on the Kings Highway at Currowan. After being pulled over she returned a positive breath test of 0.134, police have alleged at the time she was pulled over that she had two girls in the vehicle with her, aged eight and eleven. She will appear in Batemans Bay Local Court on Monday 27 February 2017. This woman has shown total disregard for the safety of the two children passengers as well as all other drivers and pedestrians in her path. In these instances nothing short of a stint in prison is acceptable.

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