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While Australian politics is mainly contested by the two major parties we have a wide variety of minor parties who have representation in our Senate and various state upper houses. One of the newest minor parties on the block is the Australian Conservatives founded by former Liberal Cory Bernardi. They join a long list of right wing parties vying for a Senate seat at the next federal election and we were lucky to be joined in the studio by the Australian Conservatives Victorian Senate Candidate Kevin Bailey AM.

Kevin has an impressive CV with military service and a distinguished career in finance and investment which led to a media career as finance commentator. Kevin tells us how his working life influenced his politics and why given that he could easily gain preselection for a major party why he chose to join Australian Conservatives and why he believes they will be the the main minor party that emerges from the right.

I ask Kevin about how he interprets the result of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey and what it means for conservative Australia. He reflects on his recent by-election performance in the inner Melbourne seat of Batman, which included being smeared by the ABC Tonightly program and how the party has performed in Bennelong by-election and the South Australian state election.

I ask Kevin about the recent departures from Australian Conservatives and how the party aims to avoid anymore missteps going into the federal election and his strategy for winning a Senate seat given it is a full quota election. Kevin also explains one of the party’s new campaign tools the A Better Way App.

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